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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z 
Referee Name Specialty
Dr. A Kaji Emergency Medicine
Dr. A Kaplan Medicine
Dr. A Karakolios Internal Medicine
Dr. A Kasperska-Zajac Allergy
Dr. A Kastania Telemedicine
Dr. A Katgi Hematology
Dr. Akihiko Kato Nephrology
Dr. A Kawashima Radiology
Dr. A Khalil OB-GYN
Dr. Aliya Khan Endocrinology
Dr. A Klooster Medicine
Dr. A Kobal Biochemistry
Dr. A Komatsuda Medicine
Dr. A Korniyenko Medicine
Dr. A Kovac Anesthesiology
Dr. Aleksander Krag Gastroenterology
Dr. A Kumar Community Medicine
Dr. Abraham Kuruvilla Neurology
Dr. Adarsh Kohli Psychiatry
Dr. Anil Kumar Radiology
Dr. Alakas Kole Medicine
Dr. Alexander Koch undefined
Dr. Alka Kalgutkar Pathology
Dr. Alka Kriplani OB-GYN
Dr. Amir Khan Community Medicine
Dr. Amir Khan Community Medicine
Dr. Amor Khachemoune Dermatology
Dr. Anagha Kale Radiology
Dr. Anand Karnad Haematology
Dr. Andreas Karwautz Psychiatry
Dr. Andrew J. Keen Psychology
Dr. Anish Keepanasseril OB-GYN
Dr. Anjali Karande Biochemistry
Dr. Anna Kemp Public Health
Dr. Archana Kher Pediatrics
Dr. Asha Kallianpur Internal Medicine
Dr. Ashish Kumar Gastroenterology
Dr. Ashwin Kashyap Haematology
Dr. A Kurpad Nutrition
Dr. A Kung Medicine
Dr. B Karabulut ENT
Dr. B Kashyap Microbiology
Dr. B Kouri Radiology
Dr. Bojan Kovacevic Surgery
Dr. B Kunadian Cardiology
Dr. Bharani Krishna Ophthalmology
Dr. Bharati Kulkarni Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Bhusan Kumar Dermatology
Dr. Bijoy Kundu Pharmacology
Dr. B Kasinath Nephrology
Dr. C Kallenberg Immunology
Dr. Chandra Kapoor Environmental Health
Dr. C Karlson-Stiber Pharmacology
Dr. C Keegan Pediatrics
Dr. C Kim Anaesthesia
Dr. C Kirkpatrick Pharmacy
Dr. C Kotoulas Thoracic Surgery
Dr. C Kotze Cardiovascular surgery
Dr. C Kouakam Cardiology
Dr. C Kramer Endocrinology
Dr. C Kartha Pathology
Dr. Cecile Kaplan Haematology
Dr. Chandra Kumar Oncology
Dr. Charanjit Kaur Anatomy
Dr. Chaya Kumar Microbiology
Dr. C Kim Endocrinology
Dr. Christian Krettek Orthopaedics
Dr. Christoph Klingmann ENT
Dr. Chetan Kantharia Surgery
Dr. Christos Karkos Surgery
Dr. C Kesavachandra Physiology
Dr. Chitra Krishnan Neurology
Dr. Claus Klingenberg Paediatrics
Dr. D Karmpaliotis Cardiology
Dr. D Kastelan Endocrinology
Dr. D Katabathina Radiology
Dr. D Keene Neurology
Dr. D Kelly Psychiatry
Dr. D Kennedy Orthopaedics
Dr. D Keyler Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. D Khanna Rheumatology
Dr. D Klugman Pediatrics
Dr. D Kofteridis Internal Medicine
Dr. Dilek Kosehan Radiology
Dr. D Kuter Hematology
Dr. D Kuypers Nephrology
Dr. Deepa Kane Anesthesiology
Dr. Deepa Kane Anaesthesia
Dr. Devendra Kumar Physiology
Dr. Dirk Kuypers Nephrology
Dr. D. Katritsis Medicine
Dr. D Kochar Medicine
Dr. Baher Kamal Urology
Dr. Dilip Karnad Medicine
Dr. M Khan Surgery
Dr. Sunaina Tejpal Karna Anaesthesia
Dr. V Kute Nephrology
Dr. D Kaundinya Microbiology
Dr. E Kemp undefined
Dr. E Kaouech Microbiology
Dr. E Katsavrias Orthodontics
Dr. E Kavukcu Family Medicine
Dr. E Kehinde General Surgery
Dr. E Konishi Immunology
Dr. E Krupinski Radiology
Dr. Eman Khedr Neurology
Dr. Eric Kilpatrick Biochemistry
Dr. Evelyn Koay Pathology
Dr. F Kheir Medicine
Dr. F Khan Internal Medicine
Dr. Farla Kaufman Environmental Health
Dr. A Koch Critical Care
Dr. Franz Kleber Internal Medicine
Dr. G Kamyar Pulmonology
Dr. G Keijzers Emergency Medicine
Dr. G Kéri Biochemistry
Dr. G Kirkim ENT
Dr. Gary Kobinger Microbiology
Dr. G Krassas Endocrinology
Dr. G Krishna Medicine
Dr. G Kulkarni Neurology
Dr. Gab Kovacs OB-GYN
Dr. Gangandeep Kang Public Health
Dr. Georgios Karanikas Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Girish Katta Genetics
Dr. Gagandeep Kang Microbiology
Dr. G Kumaramanickavel Genetics
Dr. Gregory Kouraklis GI Surgery
Dr. S Kim Nuclear Medicine
Dr. G. Krishnamurthy Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Gurhan Kadikoylu Haematology
Dr. S Suthanthira Kannan Community Medicine
Dr. Gurvinder Kalra Psychiatry
Dr. H Kallel Emergency Medicine
Dr. H Kamel Geriatrics
Dr. H Kaplan Oncology
Dr. H Kawashima Pediatrics
Dr. H Kitamura Psychiatry
Dr. H Kobayashi Pediatric Surgery
Dr. H Kovari Infectious Diseases
Dr. H Krouwer Neurology
Dr. H Kuehl Radiology
Dr. HT Kuo Pediatrics
Dr. H Kurita Dentistry
Dr. Hannah Khiangte Radiology
Dr. H Kim Orthopedics
Dr. H Kara Emergency Medicine
Dr. Hemangi Karnik Anaesthesia
Dr. Hemant Kocher Surgery
Dr. Hiroshi Kitamura Urology
Dr. Hirotaka Komaba Nephrology
Dr. H Kar Dermatology
Dr. Hemant Kudrimoti Neurology
Dr. Hrishikesh Kulkarni Internal Medicine
Dr. I Kaczmarek Cardiosurgery
Dr. I Kaygusuz Hematology
Dr. I Khalil Microbiology
Dr. I Kuji Nuclear Medicine
Dr. I Kulbatski Neurosurgery
Dr. Irene C. Kuo Ophthalmology
Dr. Inderjeet Kaur Genetics
Dr. I Karu Anesthesiology
Dr. Insaf Khalil Microbiology
Dr. Ipeson Korah Radiology
Dr. Irene Kriegel Pulmonology
Dr. J Kanitakis Dermatology
Dr. Jeffrey Kanne Radiology
Dr. J Keiser Tropical Medicine
Dr. J Keohane Gastroenterology
Dr. J Kiilgaard Ophthalmology
Dr. J Kleibeuker Gastroenterology
Dr. J Koshy Medicine
Dr. J Kroll Psychiatry
Dr. Jaya Kaushik Pediatric Neurology
Dr. Jaideep Kapur Neurology
Dr. J Kudhalkar Biochemistry
Dr. Javaid Khan Pulmonology
Dr. Jayantee Kalita Neurology
Dr. Jaya Kaushik Neurology
Dr. J. C. Kim Radiology
Dr. Jennifer Knox Medical Oncology
Dr. Joanne Katz Public Health
Dr. Jörg Klepper Paediatrics
Dr. Jonathan Kimmelman Ethics
Dr. Jonathan Koea Surgery
Dr. Jung-Cheng Kang GI Surgery
Dr. J Kim Radiology
Dr. A Koh Cardiology
Dr. Jae Yeol Kim General Medicine
Dr. Jyotsana Kirtane Paediatric Surgery
Dr. K Kaira Medicine
Dr. K Kastl Otorhinolaryngology
Dr. K Kazakos Orthopedics
Dr. K Kim Neurosurgery
Dr. K Knobloch Thoracic Surgery
Dr. K Komamura Cardiovascular Dynamics
Dr. Katerina Koutsantoni Psychiatry
Dr. K Krishnamoorthy Health Economics
Dr. K Kulothungan Preventive Medicine
Dr. Kale Anaesthesia
Dr. Kamal Khurana Pathology
Dr. M. Kamboh Human Genetics
Dr. Karuppiah Kannan Cell Biology
Dr. Sagar Karia Psychiatry
Dr. Karsten Krueger Radiology
Dr. Keiko Kinuya Radiology
Dr. Alex Kemper Paediatrics
Dr. K Khan Gastroenterology
Dr. Praveen Khilnani Critical Care Medicine
Dr. J Khoo Medicine
Dr. Jose Kanichukattu Biostatistics
Dr. Koyamangalath Krishnan Oncology
Dr. Krzysztof M. Kuczkowski Anaesthesia
Dr. Koichiro Kudo Medicine
Dr. Kristine Kwekkeboom undefined
Dr. Satyamoorthy K Genetics
Dr. K Kishore Anatomy
Dr. Kusum Kapila Pathology
Dr. Satoshi Kuwabara Neurology
Dr. Yeh Kuan Medicine
Dr. L Kabilan Entomology
Dr. L Kahn Pathology
Dr. L Keogh Public Health
Dr. L Kirmayer Psychiatry
Dr. L Knudsen Occupational Health
Dr. L Kotrulja Dermatology
Dr. L Kröpfl Dermatology
Dr. L Kumar Oncology
Dr. Ladislav Kuzela Gastroenterology
Dr. Lakhal Karim Cardiology
Dr. Lalit Kumar Oncology
Dr. Laurent Kaiser Virology
Dr. Liviu Klein Cardiology
Dr. M Kamya Medicine
Dr. Mervi Kanerva ENT
Dr. M Karam Nuclear Medicine
Dr. M Karimi Hematology
Dr. M Katlic Thoracic Surgery
Dr. M Kaufman Hematology
Dr. M Kelleher Neurosurgery
Dr. M Kennelly Fetal Medicine
Dr. M Kermode Public Health
Dr. M Khalifa Medicine
Dr. M Khambaty Infectious Diseases
Dr. M Khuroo Gastroenterology
Dr. M Kirac Urology
Dr. M Knight OB-GYN
Dr. M Kojima Pathology
Dr. M Kontos Cardiology
Dr. M Kriet Ophthalmology
Dr. M Kumar Microbiology
Dr. M Kyndi Oncology
Dr. Madhulika Kabra Paediatrics
Dr. Madhuri Kulkarni Pediatrics
Dr. Madhuri Kulkarni Paediatrics
Dr. Mahendr Kochar Medicine
Dr. Michael King Neuroscience
Dr. Malcolm Kell Surgery
Dr. Malik Kahook Ophthalmology
Dr. Martin King Pharmacology
Dr. Masoor Kamalesh Cardiology
Dr. Meena Khandelwal OB-GYN
Dr. M Kulkarni Microbiology
Dr. M Kim Nutrition
Dr. M. Kamel Rheumatology
Dr. Manoj Kattu Endocrinology
Dr. Matthew I. Kim Medicine
Dr. M Kulkarni Pediatrics
Dr. Monty Khajanchi General Surgery
Dr. Matcheri Keshavan Psychiatry
Dr. Muralidhar Katti Microbiology
Dr. M Kirtane ENT
Dr. Myriam Kerkhofs Internal Medicine
Dr. N Kajtazi Neurosciences
Dr. N Kandiah Neurology
Dr. N Keicho Pulmonology
Dr. N Kounis Medicine
Dr. N Kouris Cardiology
Dr. N Kumar Urology
Dr. Nalini Kakkar Pathology
Dr. Nagi Kumar Nutrition
Dr. Neeraj Kohli OB-GYN
Dr. Nikolaos Kelekis Radiology
Dr. Sang Yun Kim Neurology
Dr. Nitin Kekre Urology
Dr. N Khandelwal Radiology
Dr. N Kar Research
Dr. Nori Kawai Nephrology
Dr. O Karabay Infectious Diseases
Dr. O Kumpf Anesthesiology
Dr. Omid Khalilzadeh Gastroenterology
Dr. P Kamerman Physiology
Dr. P Katz Rheumatology
Dr. P Keith Medicine
Dr. P Kishore Medicine
Dr. P Kligfield Cardiology
Dr. P Korovessis Orthopedics
Dr. P Krogstad Pediatrics
Dr. Petr Kucera Immunology
Dr. P Kundra Anesthesiology
Dr. Yoshiteru Kakuno Pathology
Dr. Pankaj Kundra Anaesthesia
Dr. Pantelis Kraniotis Radiology
Dr. Paras Kothari Pediatric Surgery
Dr. P Koul Medicine
Dr. Parvaiz Kaul Pulmonology
Dr. Patricia Kirby Pathology
Dr. Patrick Kamath Gastroenterology
Dr. P Kwok Radiology
Dr. Pembe Keskinoglu Medicine
Dr. Prafulla Kerkar Cardiology
Dr. P Kulkarni Medicine
Dr. Prafulla Kerkar Cardiology
Dr. Prakash Kotagal Paediatrics
Dr. Praveen Kumar Pediatrics
Dr. Priya Krishnan Surgery
Dr. P Kiran Pharmacology
Dr. Pushkar Kaul Pharmacology
Dr. R Kumar Paediatrics
Dr. R Kannangai Virology
Dr. R Kapur Ophthalmology
Dr. R Karoli Medicine
Dr. R Kaushik Medicine
Dr. R Kitai Neurosurgery
Dr. R Koopman Family Medicine
Dr. Rudolf Korinthenberg Pediatric Neurology
Dr. R Kraus Trauma Services
Dr. R Kreidy Vascular Surgery
Dr. R Kwee Radiology
Dr. Rachel KoshiI Anatomy
Dr. Raili Kauppinen Internal Medicine
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Urology
Dr. Rajesh Khadgawat Endocrinology
Dr. Rajesh Krishna Pharmacology
Dr. Raj Kumar Neurosurgery
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Ram Kannan Biochemistry
Dr. Ja Hyeon Ku Urology
Dr. Rathachai Kaewlai Radiology
Dr. Ravneet Kaur Community Medicine
Dr. Reba Kanungo Microbiology
Dr. Renuka Kulkarni-Munshi Pharmacology
Dr. Robert Koenigsberg Radiology
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Urology
Dr. Robert Kohn Psychiatry
Dr. R Kuba Neurology
Dr. Robin Kaushik Surgery
Dr. R Kuga Gastroenterology
Dr. Rohini Kelkar Microbiology
Dr. Romesh Khardori
Dr. Raju Kubchandani Paediatrics
Dr. S Kabra Pediatrics
Dr. S Kaffashian Population Health
Dr. S Kapur Biotechnology
Dr. Sushmita Kaushik Ophthalmology
Dr. S Khambekar Cardiology
Dr. S Khandelwal Psychiatry
Dr. S Khoja Telemedicine
Dr. S Khurana Ophthalmology
Dr. S Kloska Radiology
Dr. S Knake Neurology
Dr. S Kularatne General Medicine
Dr. S Kulkarni Cardiology
Dr. S Kumar Urology
Dr. S Kurisu Cardiology
Dr. S Kuwabara Neurology
Dr. KM Krishnamoorthy Cardiology
Dr. Sam Kularatne Medicine
Dr. Sandhya Kamat Pharmacology
Dr. Sandhya Kamat Medicine
Dr. Sanjay Kaul Cardiology
Dr. Sanjeev Kaul Pharmacology
Dr. Santosh Karmarkar Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Santosh Kumar Pediatrics
Dr. Satish Kalhan Neonatology
Dr. Satish Krishnamurthy Neurosurgery
Dr. Satoru Kakizaki Internal Medicine
Dr. Savitri Kamath Medicine
Dr. Malcolm Kell Surgery
Dr. Scott Krugman Pediatrics
Dr. Sean Keenan Pulmonology
Dr. Shaila Khubchandani Pathology
Dr. Shaunak Kulkarni Pediatrics
Dr. Shirl Knight Information-Systems
Dr. Shobha Kowali PSM
Dr. Shyam Kishore Anatomy
Dr. S Kannan Anaesthesia
Dr. Sitanshu Kar Community medicine
Dr. Subash Kaul Neurology
Dr. S Kelkar Ophthalmology
Dr. Savitri Krishnamurthy Pathology
Dr. Smriti Kundu-Raychaudhuri Microbiology
Dr. Slawe Koziel Anthropology
Dr. S Katti PSM
Dr. Snehal Kulkarni Cardiology
Dr. Soumen Khatua Paediatrics
Dr. S Kamat Pulmonology
Dr. Steven Kern Anaesthesia
Dr. Subhada Kane Pathology
Dr. Sudarshan Khokhar Ophthalmology
Dr. Sudhir Kumar Neurology
Dr. Sunanda Kane Gastroenterology
Dr. Sunil Chandra Kaul Life Science
Dr. Sunil Karhadkar Oncology
Dr. Sunil Karande Pediatrics
Dr. Sunil Kumar Radiology
Dr. Surekha Kamath Anaesthesia
Dr. Surender Kharbanda Molecular Pharmacology
Dr. Susan Kattapuram Radiology
Dr. Satish Kakade Biostatistics
Dr. Swati Kanakia Hematology
Dr. Teruhisa Komori Psychiatry
Dr. Tamilarasu Kadhiravan Medicine
Dr. T Kamisawa Gastroenterology
Dr. T Kenning Neurosurgery
Dr. T Kishi Psychiatry
Dr. T Kongnakorn Health Economics
Dr. T Kowalenko Emergency Medicine
Dr. T Kumasaka Pathology
Dr. Tarja Kaijalainen Pediatrics
Dr. Uday Khopkar Dermatology
Dr. Umesh Kapil Nutrition
Dr. Upendra Kaul Cardiology
Dr. Usha Krishna OB-GYN
Dr. V Korten Microbiology
Dr. Vaibhav Keskar Nephrology
Dr. Vaman Khadilkar Pediatrics
Dr. Veena Kalra Pediatrics
Dr. Vidya Kharkar Dermatology
Dr. Vidya Kharkar Dermatology
Dr. Vidya Kharkar Dermatology
Dr. Vijay Khatri Oncology
Dr. Vijay Kher Nephrology
Dr. Vijay Kumar Pharmacology
Dr. Vikram Kate Surgery
Dr. Vikram Kate Surgery
Dr. Vincent Kindler Hematology
Dr. Viswanath Kurup Medicine
Dr. Vivek Kumar Urology
Dr. Vinaya Karkhanis Pulmonary medicine
Dr. Vijay Khatri Pulmonary Medicine
Dr. Vinay Kapoor GI Surgery
Dr. V Kumar Orthopaedics
Dr. V Kutty Medicine
Dr. Vikash Keshri Community Medicine
Dr. W Kam Orthopaedics
Dr. W Khalbuss Pathology
Dr. Wen-Chien Ko Infectious Diseases
Dr. Wilhelm Kueker Neuroradiology
Dr. W Ko Infectious Diseases
Dr. Y Kluger Surgery
Dr. Y Krausz Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Y Kutukcu Neurology
Dr. Yasser Khafaga Neurosurgery
Dr. Z Karaca Endocrinology
Dr. Z Karageorgaki Medicine
Dr. Z Kimber-Trojnar OB-GYN
Dr. Z Klemenc-Ketis Family Medicine
Dr. Z Koseoglu Emergency Medicine
Dr. Ziauddin Khan Microbiology
Dr. Z Kaya Medicine
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