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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z 
Referee Name Specialty
Dr. A l-Salem Medicine
Dr. A Lansky Cardiology
Dr. A Larner Neurology
Dr. A Larson Gastroenterology
Dr. Alexandra Lauric Computer Science
Dr. A Lazzarino Public Health
Dr. A Lenz Endocrinology
Dr. A Levin Nephrology
Dr. A Lodha Cardiology
Dr. A Ludwin OB-GYN
Dr. A Lugnér Public Health
Dr. Andrej Lyshchik Endocrinology
Dr. A Lavani Physiology
Dr. Alfred Lam Pathology
Dr. Alon Lang GI Surgery
Dr. Alwin H L Loh Pathology
Dr. Amy Lowichik Pathology
Dr. Andrea Laghi Radiology
Dr. Andrew Luster Immunology
Dr. Anil Lalwani ENT
Dr. Anna Liberati Medical Oncology
Dr. Anuradha Lohia Biochemistry
Dr. Anurag Lila Endocrinology
Dr. Aveinaslak Landsverk Toxicology
Dr. Avtar Lal Pharmacology
Dr. B Lallemand Urology
Dr. Barry Lewis Family Medicine
Dr. Bengt Liedman Surgery
Dr. Birgit Linnemann Vascular Medicine
Dr. Bjorn Lemmer Medicine
Dr. B Lakhtaria
Dr. Barbara Luke Public Health
Dr. Brett Ley Pulmonary medicine
Dr. B Lo Emergency Medicine
Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya Community Medicine
Dr. C Lau Endocrinology
Dr. C Lewis Psychiatry
Dr. Christopher Lind Neurosurgery
Dr. C Lockhart Cardiology
Dr. C López-Escribano Education
Dr. C Loubert Anaesthesia
Dr. C Lu Surgical Oncology
Dr. G Li Medicine
Dr. R Liu Reproductive medicine
Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya Community Medicine
Dr. Y Lee Anesthesiology
Dr. Christian Lampl Neurology
Dr. C Luna Medicine
Dr. D Lanska Neurology
Dr. D Latcu Cardiology
Dr. Daniel Lee Neurology
Dr. D Levine Nuclear Medicine
Dr. D Little Orthopedics
Dr. D Lockey Anaesthesia
Dr. D Lombardi Research
Dr. D Lozsadi Neurology
Dr. D Lubman Psychiatry
Dr. D Luo Dermatology
Dr. David Liebeskind Neurology
Dr. Dayanand Lingegowda Radiology
Dr. De Man Lapidoth J Health Sciences
Dr. Derek Leroith Endocrinology
Dr. Dhanya Lakshmi Genetics
Dr. Dianne Lorton Rheumatology
Dr. D Lanjewar Pathology
Dr. Donna Lowe Pharmacy
Dr. Doug Lowrie Medicine
Dr. Florian Langer Medicine
Dr. P Lal ENT
Dr. E Lux Palliative Care
Dr. Edward Livingston GI Surgery
Dr. E Lee Radiology
Dr. Eric Lindvall Orthopaedics
Dr. Elizabeth Lund Research
Dr. Endang Lestari Microbiology
Dr. S Lee Gastroenterology
Dr. F Luft Internal Medicine
Dr. F Lumachi Surgical Oncology
Dr. Florian Lippl Medicine
Dr. Franco Lumachi Surgery
Dr. Fred Linthicum ENT
Dr. Grigorios Leontiadis Gastroenterology
Dr. G Leschziner undefined
Dr. G Lippi Pathology
Dr. G Lip Cardiology
Dr. G Lim Surgery
Dr. Helen Lachmann Medicine
Dr. Hung Lau General Surgery
Dr. H Laws Medical Oncology
Dr. H Leitch Hematology
Dr. H Lopardo Microbiology
Dr. H Lugo-Vicente Surgery
Dr. Hakan Leblebicioglu Microbiology
Dr. Hans-Ulrich Laasch Radiology
Dr. Harshal Lahoti Cardiology
Dr. Hermioni Lokko Psychiatry
Dr. Heuzey Le Medicine
Dr. Hong Liu Preventive Medicine
Dr. Hyun Lee Pathology
Dr. I Leibovitch Ophthalmology
Dr. I Lindsey General Surgery
Dr. I Lipkus Psychiatry
Dr. Irene Lambrinoudaki Cardiology
Dr. J Lai Ophthalmology
Dr. J Lampe Research
Dr. J Larsen Psychiatry
Dr. J Lauffenburger Pharmacy
Dr. J Lawrence Research
Dr. J Lee Medicine
Dr. J Leighton Gastroenterology
Dr. J Leslie Medicine
Dr. J Lewis Gastroenterology
Dr. J Lipton Hematology
Dr. J Litton Medical Oncology
Dr. J Liu Community Health
Dr. J Loftis Psychiatry
Dr. Jose Lopez-Escamez Research
Dr. J López-Ibor Psychiatry
Dr. J Losanoff General Surgery
Dr. J Lötsch Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. J Lubanda Internal Medicine
Dr. J Ludvigsson Pediatrics
Dr. J Luk Psychiatry
Dr. James Lavery Global Health Research
Dr. James Lupski Genetics
Dr. Jeff Lipman Critical Care
Dr. J Liu Pharmacology
Dr. Jien-Wei Liu Infectious Diseases
Dr. Joesh Lieberman Psychiatry
Dr. John Leach Neurology
Dr. John Lubicky Orthopaedics
Dr. Jonathan Lindner Cardiology
Dr. Joshua Lane Dermatology
Dr. Juliane Leger Endocrinology
Dr. K Laurie Research
Dr. Kim Lawson Internal Medicine
Dr. K Lichtenstein Infectious Diseases
Dr. K Lui Statistics
Dr. Kalpana Luthra Biochemistry
Dr. Kuntegowdanahalli Lakshmaiah Medical Oncology
Dr. K Liu Medicine
Dr. Kenneth Lee Pathology
Dr. Knut Lappegard Cardiology
Dr. X Luo Pediatrics
Dr. L Lagae Neurology
Dr. L Lu Preventive Medicine
Dr. L Luzzatto Infectious Diseases
Dr. Damian Lake Ophthalmology
Dr. Ramakrishnan Lakshmy Biochemistry
Dr. A Lal Public Health
Dr. Bruce L. Lambert Pharmacy
Dr. Robert LaPrade Orthopaedics
Dr. Lars Lind Medicine
Dr. Laszlo Littmann Internal Medicine
Dr. Tim Leach Nephrology
Dr. Riccardo Lencioni Radiology
Dr. Z Li Orthopedics
Dr. WK Liew Allergy/Immunology
Dr. L Li Neurosurgery
Dr. S Li Reproductive medicine
Dr. W Li Antomy
Dr. Zengshan Li Pathology
Dr. K Lok Surgery
Dr. David Lorelli Vascular Surgery
Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe Endocrinology
Dr. Lucio Luzzatto Hematology
Dr. John Lynch Neurology
Dr. M Laisalmi-Kokki Anesthesiology
Dr. M Landon OB-GYN
Dr. M Lane Infectious Diseases
Dr. M Lazarides Vascular Surgery
Dr. M Leone Anesthesiology
Dr. M Lorberboym Nuclear Medicine
Dr. M Loukas Antomy
Dr. Marcello Lotti Environmental Medicine
Dr. Marie Landry Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Mary Lévy-Rueff Psychiatry
Dr. Mats Lambe Epidemiology
Dr. Mats Lindblad GI Surgery
Dr. MK Lalitha Microbiology
Dr. O Leroy Microbiology
Dr. P Levett Infectious Diseases
Dr. P Lindgren Health Informatics
Dr. P Llorca Psychiatry
Dr. P Lysaker Psychiatry
Dr. Paolo Lanzetta Ophthalmology
Dr. Paolo Lusso Virology
Dr. Philip Lazarus Oncology
Dr. Philippe Labrune Pediatrics
Dr. P Love Dermatology
Dr. Roland Ladurner Surgery
Dr. R Lengeling Gastroenterology
Dr. R Leone Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. R Lewis Medicine
Dr. R Lieberman Health Policy
Dr. R Lipton Neurology
Dr. Rakesh Lodha Pediatrics
Dr. R Loffroy Radiology
Dr. R Logrono Pathology
Dr. H Lee Parasitology
Dr. Raj Lal Cardiosurgery
Dr. Raj Lakshman Biochemistry
Dr. R Lumb Infectious Diseases
Dr. Romain Lefaucheur Neurology
Dr. Sarath Lekamwasam Endocrinology
Dr. S Leone Infectious Diseases
Dr. S Levine Medicine
Dr. S Licci Pathology
Dr. S Lin Physical Medicine
Dr. S Linnebur Pharmacy
Dr. S Lipsky Public Health
Dr. S Luevitoonvechkij Orthopedics
Dr. Scott Leatherdale Preventive Oncology
Dr. Sebastian Lucas Pathology
Dr. Shoen Low Radiology
Dr. Shamez Ladhani Medicine
Dr. Silke Lassmann Pathology
Dr. Stefano Laureti Endocrinology
Dr. Steve D. Lawn Infectious Diseases
Dr. Su-Ting Li Pediatrics
Dr. Sunil Lakhani Pathology
Dr. T Larkin Health Sciences
Dr. T Lesar undefined
Dr. T Liehr Genetics
Dr. T Lim Pulmonology
Dr. T Loureiro OB-GYN
Dr. T Lyngdoh undefined
Dr. T Lyons Endocrinology
Dr. Thomas Leitha Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Tian Li Cardiology
Dr. Varut Lohsiriwat Surgery
Dr. Vandana Lahiri Anaesthesia
Dr. Van Der Heijden L Orthopaedics
Dr. Vignera La Endocrinology
Dr. Alfredo Lucendo Gastroenterology
Dr. V Lahiri Orthopaedics
Dr. W Lagarde Genetics
Dr. W Laskin Pathology
Dr. W Lim Hematology
Dr. W Lim Medicine
Dr. W Lucassen General Practice
Dr. Wee-Kiak Lim Ophthalmology
Dr. Wen Liang Surgery
Dr. Y Li Internal Medicine
Dr. Y Li Ophthalmology
Dr. Yash Lokhandwala Cardiology
Dr. Z Laron Diabetes
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