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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z 
Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Bhavana Mhatre Physiotherapy
Dr. A Macario Anesthesiology
Dr. A Machado Neurology
Dr. A Mahnken Radiology
Dr. A Mak Rheumatology
Dr. A Mansour Medicine
Dr. A Marti Physiology
Dr. A Martini Research
Dr. A Marzo undefined
Dr. A Maslak Education
Dr. A Masri Pediatrics
Dr. A Mazzola Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. A Mehmood Emergency Medicine
Dr. A Mehnert Psychology
Dr. A Mehta Microbiology
Dr. A Mekinian Medicine
Dr. A Mijch Infectious Diseases
Dr. A Miller Gastroenterology
Dr. A Misra Endocrinology
Dr. A Mohamed Community Health
Dr. A Mohammad Rheumatology
Dr. A Mohammed Anaesthesia
Dr. A Montejo Psychiatry
Dr. A Moreno Internal Medicine
Dr. A Morris Surgery
Dr. A Mortimer Medicine
Dr. A Mukhopadhyay Infectious Diseases
Dr. A Mahashur Pulmonology
Dr. Aaron Mohanty Neurosurgery
Dr. Ajay Malik Pathology
Dr. A Mogi Surgery
Dr. Alex Macario Anesthesiology
Dr. Alex Mitchell Psychiatry
Dr. Ali Momeni Microbiology
Dr. Alvaro Mongui Immunology
Dr. Anne Maître Occupational Medicine
Dr. Amal Mitra PSM
Dr. Arumugam Manoharan Haematology
Dr. Amita Maheshwari Obstetrics
Dr. Alladi Mohan Pulmonology
Dr. Anand Malaviya Rheumatology
Dr. Andrea McClatchey Pathology
Dr. Andreas May Internal Medicine
Dr. Anirban Mukherjee Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Anirudha Malpani OB-GYN
Dr. Anita Mahadevan Pathology
Dr. Anna Morin Pharmacy
Dr. Annette Matthews Psychiatry
Dr. Anoop Misra Endocrinology
Dr. Anoop Misra Medicine
Dr. Anton Miller Pediatrics
Dr. Arnold Menezes Neurosurgery
Dr. Arun Maiya Physiotherapy
Dr. Ashima Madan Neonatology
Dr. Ashis Mukhopadhya Gastroenterology
Dr. Ashis Mukherjee Molecular Biology
Dr. Atul Mathur Cardiology
Dr. B Magee OB-GYN
Dr. B Majholm undefined
Dr. B McCartan Dentistry
Dr. B Mevorah Dermatology
Dr. B Miletić undefined
Dr. B Mittal Pathology
Dr. Balraj Mittal Genetics
Dr. Basant Misra Neurosurgery
Dr. Bereneice Madison Microbiology
Dr. Baijayantimala Mishra Microbiology
Dr. B Maskati Ophthalmology
Dr. B Mittal Pathology
Dr. C Maguina Infectious Diseases
Dr. C Manterola Surgery
Dr. C Mantzoros Endocrinology
Dr. C Marco Emergency Medicine
Dr. C MartinezRey Internal Medicine
Dr. C Mason Pulmonology
Dr. C McMahon Communication Science
Dr. C Menendez Pathology
Dr. C Meyer Ophthalmology
Dr. C Michalski Surgery
Dr. C Miller Health Communication
Dr. C Mitchell Obstetrics
Dr. C Morais Nephrology
Dr. Carmela Miniscalco Pediatrics
Dr. Carmen Martin-Castro Anaesthesia
Dr. Celia Moss Dermatology
Dr. Charles McGee Virology
Dr. Chitra Madiwale Pathology
Dr. Ch Murthy Veterinary
Dr. Colin McCartney Anaesthesia
Dr. Collen Masimirembwa Bioscience
Dr. D Macrae Pediatrics
Dr. D Madoff Radiology
Dr. D Malheiro Immunology
Dr. D Malvy Medicine
Dr. D Marotta Orthopedics
Dr. D McCaslin ENT
Dr. D McDermott Emergency Medicine
Dr. D McLeod Endocrinology
Dr. D Mendis Urology
Dr. D Miron Pediatrics
Dr. D Mitry Ophthalmology
Dr. D Miu Medicine
Dr. D Moore Research
Dr. D Morrell Dermatology
Dr. D Müller Clinical Research
Dr. D Murdoch Pathology
Dr. D Murdoch-Eaton Medical Education
Dr. Davendra Mehta Cardiology
Dr. David McKenzie Chest Medicine
Dr. D Meya Medicine
Dr. Deepak Mishra Haematology
Dr. Deepika Mohanty Haematology
Dr. Devendra Mishra Pediatrics
Dr. Divyanshu Mohananey Cardiology
Dr. Daniel MacGowan Neurology
Dr. Dattatraya Muzumdar Neurosurgery
Dr. Anita Mitchell Nursing
Dr. Donna Morash Nursing
Dr. Bidhu Mohanti Radiotherapy
Dr. Devendra Mishra Neurology
Dr. Supreet Marathe Cardiovascular Surgery
Dr. Vishnu Moleyar Chest Medicine
Dr. D Muralidhara Physiology
Dr. G Mueller Paediatrics
Dr. E Maher Genetics
Dr. E Maltezos Internal Medicine
Dr. E Manali Medicine
Dr. E Meltzer Medicine
Dr. E Mills Health Sciences
Dr. Ed Mitchell Paediatrics
Dr. E Mohlere Medicine
Dr. E Molloy Rheumatology
Dr. E Montanya Endocrinology
Dr. E Mostaghel Research
Dr. Eleni Mylona Medicine
Dr. Edward Mills Medicine
Dr. Elizabeth Mathai Microbiology
Dr. Eleni Magira Chest Medicine
Dr. Emmanuel Mahe Dermatology
Dr. Everett Magann OB-GYN
Dr. F Marini Medicine
Dr. F Mastaglia Neurology
Dr. F Miller Health Policy
Dr. Fabio Monzani Endocrinology
Dr. F Moura Virology
Dr. Fiona Miller Radiology
Dr. Fabio Minutoli Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Franco Mantero Endocrinology
Dr. Frank Mockenhaupt Tropical Medicine
Dr. Grazia Mancini Genetics
Dr. G Marcucci Cardiovascular surgery
Dr. G Marshall Pathology
Dr. G Martínez-Mier Organ Transplantation
Dr. G Mavridis Pediatric Surgery
Dr. G Mgomella Medical Informatics
Dr. G Mueller Paediatrics
Dr. G. Marioni ENT
Dr. Gaeatano Magro Pathology
Dr. Gaurav Maheshwari Surgery
Dr. Giovanni Mantovani Oncology
Dr. Giulio Marchesini Gastroenterology
Dr. Glenn Murphy Anaesthesia
Dr. Gerald Mboowa Microbiology
Dr. Gayle Minard Surgery
Dr. Govind Makharia Gastroenterology
Dr. G Malhi Psychiatry
Dr. H Makhlouf Pathology
Dr. H Maltezou Preventive Medicine
Dr. H Matsubayashi Gastroenterology
Dr. H Matsuoka Medical Oncology
Dr. H Milgrom Pediatrics
Dr. H Mittal Pediatrics
Dr. H Morales Radiology
Dr. H Moritomo Orthopedics
Dr. H Motswaledi Dermatology
Dr. Hannan Mullett Orthopaedics
Dr. Hans-Joachim Mentzel Radiology
Dr. Hari Menon Oncology
Dr. Harsh Mohan Pathology
Dr. Hisham Mehanna ENT
Dr. H Madhavan Ophthalmology
Dr. I Miller Dermatology
Dr. I Mouzas Gastroenterology
Dr. Indira Maisnam Endocrinology
Dr. I Meishri Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Juergen Maibaum Research
Dr. J Malathi Microbiology
Dr. J Malyszko Nephrology
Dr. J Manonukul Pathology
Dr. J Martí Cardiology
Dr. J Martinez Emergency Medicine
Dr. J Martinez-Trufero Medical Oncology
Dr. J Mayer Anesthesiology
Dr. J McCarthy Psychiatry
Dr. J McCaw Research
Dr. J McGrath Psychiatry
Dr. J McNulty Biology
Dr. J Mekkes Dermatology
Dr. J Mergui Psychiatry
Dr. J Merrer Infectious Diseases
Dr. J Meyer Psychiatry
Dr. J Miley Neurology
Dr. J Milton Geriatrics
Dr. J Minami Internal Medicine
Dr. J Modestin Psychiatry
Dr. J Mohan Cardiology
Dr. J Monteiro Nutrition
Dr. J Montplaisir Neurology
Dr. J Mora Oncology
Dr. J Murphy Pediatrics
Dr. J Myers Internal Medicine
Dr. Jagdish Mohan Cardiology
Dr. Jagdish Mandya Pediatrics
Dr. Jaishree Mondkar Neonatology
Dr. Zhaowei Meng Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Jay Maddock Medicine
Dr. J Mitra Anesthesiology
Dr. J. C. Martin del Olmo General Surgery
Dr. J Mohite Surgery
Dr. Joseph Mathew Medicine
Dr. JMK Murthy Neurology
Dr. J Mehta Leprosy
Dr. John Meyer Pathology
Dr. John Morrison OB-GYN
Dr. J Mira Medical Education
Dr. Jose Muńoz undefined
Dr. Joseph Mathew Pediatric Pulmonolgy
Dr. J Muliyil Community medicine
Dr. J Markowitz Psychiatry
Dr. K Maino Dermatology
Dr. K Manoj Surgery
Dr. K Matsushima Critical Care
Dr. K Meneses Nursing
Dr. K Michalová Genetics
Dr. K Michelson Pediatrics
Dr. K Miller Microbiology
Dr. K Mishra Immunology
Dr. K Mortensen Microbiology
Dr. K Msyamboza Public Health
Dr. K Mundey Pulmonary medicine
Dr. Kalpana Mehta Nephrology
Dr. Kapil Mehta Immunology
Dr. Karen Mattick Medical Education
Dr. K Meir Pathology
Dr. Karine Morcel Genetics
Dr. Kathleen Moore Oncology
Dr. Kazuhide Matsushima General Surgery
Dr. Kenji Minoguchi Internal Medicine
Dr. Kevin Major Surgery
Dr. Khalid Moidu Medicine
Dr. Khush Mittal Pathology
Dr. Kim Mammen Urology
Dr. Kishore Murthy Pharmacology
Dr. KM Mohandas Gastroenterology
Dr. K Muniyappa Biochemistry
Dr. K Mise Medicine
Dr. Kabi Misra Cardiology
Dr. Krishna Murthy Virology
Dr. L Manangan Epidemiology
Dr. L Mazzone Pediatric
Dr. L McIntyre Critical Care
Dr. L McLoughlin Anaesthesia
Dr. L Menik Pharmacology
Dr. L Mihić Dermatology
Dr. L Milazzo Infectious Diseases
Dr. L Morrison Neurology
Dr. L Muscarella Infection Control
Dr. L Muthupalaniappen Family Medicine
Dr. Laura Monetta Neurology
Dr. L Mota Medicine
Dr. Ludwig C. Müller Cardiosurgery
Dr. Lynne McFarland Internal Medicine
Dr. Mauricio Macedo Surgery
Dr. M Machado Medicine
Dr. Monika Madaan Obstetrics
Dr. M Maddali Anesthesiology
Dr. M Majewski Orthopaedics
Dr. M Mandala Medical Oncology
Dr. M Mangiaterra Microbiology
Dr. M Mariani Medicine
Dr. Miroslav Markovic Vascular Surgery
Dr. M Markowitz HIV
Dr. M Marques Intensive Care
Dr. M Martin Preventive Medicine
Dr. M Martínez Medicine
Dr. M Martinez-Lavin Cardiology
Dr. M Masiá Infectious Diseases
Dr. M Massani Surgery
Dr. M Mathew Pathology
Dr. M Mathonnet GI Surgery
Dr. M Mathur Alternative Medicine
Dr. M Matsagas Vascular Surgery
Dr. M Mattson Neurology
Dr. M Mauget-Fa˙sse Ophthalmology
Dr. M Mazza Psychiatry
Dr. M McBride Cardiology
Dr. Markus Meissner Dermatology
Dr. M Michal Pathology
Dr. M Miller Pulmonology
Dr. M Mizuguchi Pediatrics
Dr. M Möckel Cardiology
Dr. M Mohammadianpanah Radiology
Dr. M Mohan Psychiatry
Dr. M Mohlig Endocrinology
Dr. M Mok Medicine
Dr. M Monti Medicine
Dr. M Morgan Microbiology
Dr. M Morita Neuroscience
Dr. M Morris Infectious Diseases
Dr. M Muhtaseb Ophthalmology
Dr. M Müllner Medicine
Dr. Zoilo Morel-Ayala Rheumatology
Dr. Mahesh Maralihalli Pediatrics
Dr. Christian Maihöfner Neurology
Dr. Pankaj Malhotra Internal Medicine
Dr. Malini Menon Microbiology
Dr. Mamta Manglani Pediatrics
Dr. Mamta Muranjan Paediatrics
Dr. Mandeep Mehra Cardiology
Dr. Marc Miserez GI Surgery
Dr. Markku Miettinen Pathology
Dr. Markos Marangos Internal Medicine
Dr. Markus Meissner Parasitology
Dr. Anthony J. Marsella Psychology
Dr. Verghese Mathew Cardiology
Dr. Toshihiko Matsuo Ophthalmology
Dr. Matthews Mathai OB-GYN
Dr. Matthias Muschol Orthopedics
Dr. Matthias Maass Microbiology
Dr. M Mauermann Neurology
Dr. Maurie Markman Oncology
Dr. Maya Malhotra Pathology
Dr. Mayank Mishra Pulmonary Medicine
Dr. Giovanna Meloni Biotechnology
Dr. Horowitz Michael Medicine
Dr. Michael T. McDermott Endocrinology
Dr. Michael Mitterberger Urology
Dr. Ambra Michelotti Orthodontics
Dr. S Mii Dermatology
Dr. Mike Mackness Human Genetics
Dr. Maria Luisa Martinez Frias Genetics
Dr. Maria Luisa Martinez Frias Genetics
Dr. M Mathur Epidemiology
Dr. Michael McDermott Rheumatology
Dr. M MuzaffarMir Clinical Biochemistry
Dr. Sunil Moreker Ophthalmology
Dr. Toshio Moritani Radiology
Dr. Mridula Mahajan Biochemistry
Dr. Linda A. Murakata Pathology
Dr. Niraj Mahajan OB-GYN
Dr. N Manjunath Infectious Diseases
Dr. N Masood Medicine
Dr. N Masumori Urology
Dr. N Medina Plastic surgery
Dr. N Meydan Endocrinology
Dr. N Morelli Neuroscience
Dr. N Muthukumar Neurosurgery
Dr. Nahum Mendez-Sanchez Gastroenterology
Dr. N Majrekar Pharmacology
Dr. N Motashaw OB-GYN
Dr. N Moulik Endocrinology
Dr. Neelam Marwaha Haematology
Dr. Neil Mcintosh Toxicology
Dr. Nicola Maffulli Orthopaedics
Dr. Ninad Maniar Medicine
Dr. Ninoslav Mimica Psychiatry
Dr. Nitin Mokal Plastic Surgery
Dr. Niveditha Mohan Rheumatology
Dr. N Mehra Immunology
Dr. N Muthukumar Neurosurgery
Dr. Neeraj Mathur ENT
Dr. Noboru Motomura Cardiosurgery
Dr. O Marzuki Medicine
Dr. O McCabe Psychiatry
Dr. O Minzi Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. O Mjĺland Surgery
Dr. O Merimsky Oncology
Dr. P Maheshwari Urology
Dr. P Manickam Epidemiology
Dr. P Mĺrdh OB-GYN
Dr. P Mark Nephrology
Dr. P Maroto Oncology
Dr. P McCullough Medicine
Dr. P McGovern Molecular Biology
Dr. P Mentula Surgery
Dr. P Messa Nephrology
Dr. P Michielsen Gastroenterology
Dr. P Moghetti Endocrinology
Dr. Pazhanivel Mohan Medicine
Dr. P Muriel Pharmacology
Dr. Padmaja Mavani OB-GYN
Dr. Pankaj Mankad Cardiosurgery
Dr. Parkash Mandhan Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Patricia Martin Cell Biology
Dr. Patrick Morrison Genetics
Dr. Paul Méria Urology
Dr. Pawan Malhotra Genetic Engineering
Dr. Philip Mortimer Microbiology
Dr. Philip Murphy Hematology
Dr. Philip Mortimer Microbiology
Dr. Purshottam Mehrotra Reproductive medicine
Dr. Prashant Mathur Nutrition
Dr. Pravin Mhatre OB-GYN
Dr. Preeti Mehta Microbiology
Dr. Padmavathy Menon Endocrinology
Dr. PSN Murthy ENT
Dr. P Menon Paediatrics
Dr. Putul Maity Oncology
Dr. R MacKenzie Public Health
Dr. R Mahalingam Psychology
Dr. R Manfredi Infectious Diseases
Dr. R Marcén Nephrology
Dr. R Martino Hematology
Dr. R Matchock Psychology
Dr. R Mathias Genetics
Dr. R McGee Medical Education
Dr. R Menéndez Pulmonology
Dr. R Mihai Endocrine Surgery
Dr. R Miller Infectious Diseases
Dr. R Minelli Pharmacology
Dr. Roberto Miraglia Radiology
Dr. R Misbin Endocrinology
Dr. R Mojtabai Psychiatry
Dr. R Monto Orthopedics
Dr. R Moreno Cardiology
Dr. R Murphy Pathology
Dr. Raffaele Manna Medicine
Dr. Raffaele Manni Neurology
Dr. Rajendra Mehta Oncology
Dr. Rajendra Mehta Cardiology
Dr. Rajesh Miranda Neurology
Dr. Rajinder Mirakhur Anaesthesia
Dr. Rajiv Midha Neurosurgery
Dr. Rajnish Mehrotra Nephrology
Dr. Ramachandran Murali Pathology
Dr. Ramnath Misra Immunology
Dr. Ravi Mehrotra Pathology
Dr. Ravi Mahajan Anaesthesia
Dr. R Mahajan Parasitology
Dr. Rama Devi Mittal Biochemistry
Dr. Rebecca Mardach Genetics
Dr. Reginald Matejec Anaesthesia
Dr. Rema Mohan Ophthalmology
Dr. R G McCreadie Clinical Research
Dr. R Merchant Pediatrics
Dr. Ritesh Mongha Urology
Dr. R Minina Physiology
Dr. R Mutatkar Anthropology
Dr. R Marwaha Paediatrics
Dr. Rengasamy ManiMaran Endocrinology
Dr. Richard McCallum Gastroenterology
Dr. Rob MacLaren Pharmacy
Dr. Robert McWilliams Medical Oncology
Dr. Roli Mathur Genetics
Dr. Rowlens Melduni Cardiology
Dr. S MaciaEscalante Medical Oncology
Dr. S Magana Social Medicine
Dr. S Mahadeva Gastroenterology
Dr. S Mahi-Taright Medicine
Dr. S Malapaka OB-GYN
Dr. S Maloney Physiotherapy
Dr. S Manikandan Anaesthesia
Dr. S Manimunda Research
Dr. Sujan Marahatta Community Medicine
Dr. S Marais Medicine
Dr. Samuel Masket Ophthalmology
Dr. S Mathews Biological Rhythms
Dr. S Mathur Endocrinology
Dr. S McClelland Neurosurgery
Dr. S McDonald Research
Dr. S McFarlane Internal Medicine
Dr. Subhash Medhi Medicine
Dr. S Mehta Critical Care
Dr. S Miles Medical Education
Dr. S Mirsattari Neurology
Dr. S Mishra Endocrinological Surgery
Dr. S Mohanty Biotechnology
Dr. Santosh Mondal Pathology
Dr. S Morales-Vidal Neurology
Dr. S Moreno Infectious Diseases
Dr. S Morgan Medicine
Dr. S Morison Medical Education
Dr. S Mudaliar Internal Medicine
Dr. S Mueller Psychiatry
Dr. S Murashima Gastroenterology
Dr. S Murthy Dermatology
Dr. Sarabjit Mastana Human Genetics
Dr. Sandra Moore Radiology
Dr. Sanjay Mahajan Medicine
Dr. Sanjay Mehta Medicine
Dr. Sanjeev Mittal Nephrology
Dr. Sanjeev Madan Orthopaedics
Dr. Sarah Mackie Rheumatology
Dr. Saroj Mishra Surgery
Dr. S Manchanda Cardiology
Dr. Shantidani Minz Community medicine
Dr. Shariq Masoodi Endocrinology
Dr. Sharmila Madhogaria Dermatology
Dr. Sherwin Mina Neurology
Dr. Shivani Mishra Genetics
Dr. Shoibal Mujerjee Pharmacology
Dr. Shyam Mohapatra Immunology
Dr. S Malhotra Anaesthesia
Dr. S Mathur Surgery
Dr. S Mittal Paediatrics
Dr. S Madhusoodanan Psychiatry
Dr. S Mahalingam ENT
Dr. Smita Mali Pharmacology
Dr. S Mehendale PSM
Dr. Samer Mowakeaa Cardiology
Dr. S Mody Cardiology
Dr. S Madhusudana Virology
Dr. Soumyo Mukherji Bioengineering
Dr. Subbi Mathur OB-GYN
Dr. Sri Prakash Misra Gastroenterology
Dr. Sridhar Mani Oncology
Dr. Srinivas Mantha Anaesthesia
Dr. Sarabjit Mastana Genetics
Dr. Stephen Mannion Anaesthesia
Dr. Subburaman Mohan Genetics
Dr. Subir Maitra Emergency Medicine
Dr. Sujata Muranjan ENT
Dr. Suleman Merchant Radiology
Dr. Susanne Modrow Microbiology
Dr. T Ma General Surgery
Dr. T Macedo Radiology
Dr. T Malina Zoology
Dr. T Marshall Preventive Medicine
Dr. Toshihiro Matsui Rheumatology
Dr. T Midha Public Health
Dr. T Miner GI Surgery
Dr. T Miyamoto OB-GYN
Dr. T Mohammed Neurology
Dr. T Moore Rheumatology
Dr. T Mounajjed Family Medicine
Dr. Kim Molina Pathology
Dr. Thomas Meyer Cardiology
Dr. Theodoros Manousakas Urology
Dr. T Mohankumar Immunology
Dr. TP Medhekar Medicine
Dr. U Marzec-Wróblewska Environmental Health
Dr. U Misra Neurology
Dr. Ugo Moretti undefined
Dr. U Misra Neurology
Dr. Unnikrishnan Menon ENT
Dr. Usha Menon OB-GYN
Dr. V Mandato Obstetrics
Dr. Vandana Mehta Dermatology
Dr. V Mitchell Reproductive Health
Dr. V Mohan Diabetes
Dr. Varughese Mathai Surgery
Dr. Vedang Murthy Radiation
Dr. Venugopalan Menon Biochemistry
Dr. Vijay Mittal Surgery
Dr. Vikas Menon Psychiatry
Dr. Villis MARSHALL Urology
Dr. Vimala Menon Ophthalmology
Dr. Vinod Mittal Orthopaedics
Dr. V Mohan Endocrinology
Dr. V Mehta Neurosurgery
Dr. W Machleidt Psychiatry
Dr. W Manley Emergency Medicine
Dr. W McBride Infectious Diseases
Dr. W McCluggage Pathology
Dr. W Michels Nephrology
Dr. Winfried Marz Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Y Mazor Medicine
Dr. Yoshimasa Mori Neurosurgery
Dr. Y Mandi Microbiology
Dr. Y Meishri Medicine
Dr. Ziad Memish Infectious Diseases
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