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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z 
Referee Name Specialty
Dr. A Paixao Cardiology
Dr. A Pandey Leprosy
Dr. A Patel Infectious Diseases
Dr. A Pawlik Pharmacology
Dr. A Peivandi Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. A Peix Cardiology
Dr. Adriano M Pellicelli Medicine
Dr. A Perel Anesthesia
Dr. A Peterson Pharmacy
Dr. A Pisani Neurology
Dr. A Plentz Microbiology
Dr. A Pontes-Arruda Intensive Care
Dr. A Porter Biomedical Engineering
Dr. A Posselt Transplant Surgery
Dr. A Powers Epidemiology
Dr. A Pandit Pathology
Dr. Athanasios G. Papatsoris Urology
Dr. Amit Pandya Dermatology
Dr. Amulya Panda Bioengineering
Dr. Amulya Panda Bioengineering
Dr. Ana Paredes Pediatrics
Dr. Anand Pillai Orthopedics
Dr. Andrea Peru Neurology
Dr. Anil Patwardhan Cardiosurgery
Dr. A Pye Medicine
Dr. Ankit Parakh Pediatrics
Dr. Anna Pichiecchio Radiology
Dr. A Prasad Paediatrics
Dr. Antal Peter Transplant Surgery
Dr. Aparna Parikh Paediatrics
Dr. Atul Patel Infectious Diseases
Dr. A Pazare Medicine
Dr. Arun Pherwani Cardiovascular Surgery
Dr. Ashwin Patkar Psychiatry
Dr. Atul Patel Infectious Diseases
Dr. Atul Prakash Cardiology
Dr. B Panhotra Microbiology
Dr. B Piko Psychiatry
Dr. B Potter Medicine
Dr. Bahena Patiño Cardiology
Dr. B Parulkar Urology
Dr. Bharat Parekh Virology
Dr. Birinder Paul Neurology
Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan Nutrition
Dr. Bettina Pause Psychology
Dr. Bob Phillips Medical Oncology
Dr. B Pal Medicine
Dr. B Pandya Pathology
Dr. Dr Christopher I. M. Price Medicine
Dr. C Paddock Infectious Diseases
Dr. C Palanivelu GI Surgery
Dr. C Pancharoen Pediatrics
Dr. C Pandey Anesthesiology
Dr. C Parnaby General Surgery
Dr. C Parry Research
Dr. C Pepene Endocrinology
Dr. C Pizzi Medicine
Dr. C Plake Biotechnology
Dr. C Potel Microbiology
Dr. C Puoti Gastroenterology
Dr. Calogero Pagliarello Research
Dr. Chin-Chen Pan Pathology
Dr. Chandra Pandey Anesthesiology
Dr. C Prasad Medicine
Dr. Charles Pinto Psychiatry
Dr. Charlotte Paterson Alternative Medicine
Dr. Chetan Patel Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Chitra Prasad Paediatrics
Dr. C Pees Pediatrics
Dr. Christina Papadopoulos Emergency Medicine
Dr. Y Pang Obstetrics
Dr. C Pandey Anesthesiology
Dr. Costanza Papagno Psychology
Dr. Carlo Pruneti Psychology
Dr. Catrin Plumpton Pharmacoeconomics
Dr. CS Pramesh Surgery
Dr. C. S. Pramesh Surgical Oncology
Dr. D Paley Orthopedics
Dr. D Papathanassiou Nuclear Medicine
Dr. D Paternoster OB-GYN
Dr. D Piancatelli Immunology
Dr. D Prabhakaran Cardiology & Epidemiology
Dr. Daksha Prabhat Pathology
Dr. Davinder Prasad Dermatology
Dr. Debdatta Panigrahi Microbiology
Dr. Deepak Palande Neurosurgery
Dr. Dilip Panikar Neurosurgery
Dr. Dilip Patel Paediatrics
Dr. Dinesh Puri Biochemistry
Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala Orthopaedics
Dr. Dipen Parekh Urology
Dr. Donald Patrick Pharmacology
Dr. D Pal Microbiology
Dr. D Prabhakaran Cardiology
Dr. Mukundkumar Patel General Medicine
Dr. D Pai Surgery
Dr. E Parkinson Oncology
Dr. E Pavlova Medicine
Dr. E Pfendner Genetics
Dr. E Pierce Microbiology
Dr. E Platz Epidemiology
Dr. E Pontali Infectious Diseases
Dr. Edouard Pelissier General Surgery
Dr. F Pasqualotto Urology
Dr. F Pereira Medicine
Dr. F Piscaglia Internal Medicine
Dr. F Proulx Pediatrics
Dr. Federico Pulido Medicine
Dr. Francesca Ponziani Medicine
Dr. Franco Pagani Molecular Biology
Dr. Firuza Parikh Reproductive Medicine
Dr. F. R. Pruvot Surgery
Dr. G Palani Medicine
Dr. G Pankey Infectious Diseases
Dr. G Papadimitriou Psychiatry
Dr. Georgios Pappas Internal Medicine
Dr. G Patton Pediatrics
Dr. G Pauli Tissue Banking
Dr. G Peitz Pharmacy
Dr. G Peralta Internal Medicine
Dr. G Petrikkos Medicine
Dr. G Pettinato Pathology
Dr. G Piccoli Internal Medicine
Dr. G Pridjian OB-GYN
Dr. G. Parthasarathi Pharmacy
Dr. Gabriella Pridjian OB-GYN
Dr. Ganesh Parasuraman Community Medicine
Dr. Giovanni Proto Endocrinology
Dr. Giampaolo Papi Endocrinology
Dr. Giovanni Polimeni undefined
Dr. H Parmar Radiology
Dr. H Pati Hematology
Dr. H Peyrière Pharmacology
Dr. Haim Paran General Surgery
Dr. Harry Prince Microbiology
Dr. Hetal Patel ENT
Dr. Heike Philippi Paediatrics
Dr. H Pruthi Medicine
Dr. S Park Medicine
Dr. Indula Panchal Anaesthesia
Dr. Isabella Parolini Hematology, Oncology and Molecular Medicine
Dr. J Pakran Dermatology
Dr. Johan Pallud Neurosurgery
Dr. J Paniagua Internal Medicine
Dr. J Park Preventive Medicine
Dr. J Pépin Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. J Peppercorn Oncology
Dr. J Peregrin Radiology
Dr. J Perera Pathology
Dr. J Perloff Cardiology
Dr. J Pitout Microbiology
Dr. J Poole Occupational Therapy
Dr. J Prakash Nephrology
Dr. J Pressley Epidemiology
Dr. J Prochaska Psychiatry
Dr. J Pulvirenti Infectious Diseases
Dr. Jacob Puliyel Paediatrics
Dr. Jai Patel Radiology
Dr. Jaideep Pandit Anaesthesia
Dr. Jayesh Panchal Plastic Surgery
Dr. Jean-Charles Preiser Medicine
Dr. J Pande Medicine
Dr. Joel Paris Psychiatry
Dr. J Pohl Gastroenterology
Dr. Joaquin Peña Paediatrics
Dr. Jose Alfredo Puerta undefined
Dr. Jimmy Pham Nephrology
Dr. K Pattanapanyasat Medicine
Dr. K Paulsson Genetics
Dr. K Pavithran Hematology
Dr. K Peeyananjarassri OB-GYN
Dr. K Polańska Occupational Medicine
Dr. Abhilash Prem Medicine
Dr. K Pal Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Kant Patel Health Policy
Dr. Karin Petruson ENT
Dr. Karin Petruson ENT
Dr. Kedar Prasad Nutrition
Dr. Kelley Pettee Internal Medicine
Dr. Kevin Pereira ENT
Dr. Kevork Peltekian Gastroenterology
Dr. Kishore Panduru Chest Medicine
Dr. Kishor Phadke Paediatrics
Dr. K Prasad Microbiology
Dr. Klaus Peitgen Surgery
Dr. K Prakash Microbiology
Dr. Kumar Prabhash Medical Oncology
Dr. L Pagano Haematology
Dr. L Pantanowitz Pathology
Dr. L Papazian Infectious Diseases
Dr. L Parish Dermatology
Dr. L Peddareddygari Neuroscience
Dr. L Pennington Pediatrics
Dr. L PerezdeIsla Cardiology
Dr. Lisandro Piaggio Urology
Dr. L Piroth Infectious Diseases
Dr. Laurent PINEDE Medicine
Dr. Leonardo Pagani Infectious Diseases
Dr. Luc Portmann Endocrinology
Dr. M Paglia OB-GYN
Dr. M Peláez-Luna Medicine
Dr. M Pérez-Elías Infectious Diseases
Dr. M Perloff Neurology
Dr. M Perry Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. M Petrov Surgery
Dr. M Petrovic Geriatrics
Dr. M Picken Pathology
Dr. M Pinhel Molecular Biology
Dr. Mark Pearce Epidemiology
Dr. Malav Parikh Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Dr. Malvinder Parmar Nephrology
Dr. Manas Panigrahi Neurosurgery
Dr. Mangal Parihar Software
Dr. Manish Parakh Pediatrics
Dr. Manoj Pandey Oncology
Dr. Marcello Picchio General Surgery
Dr. Mario Pirisi Internal Medicine
Dr. Mark Perkins Microbiology
Dr. M Park Rheumatology
Dr. Meeta Patnaik Nephrology
Dr. Michael Paech Anaesthesia
Dr. Michel Polak Endocrinology
Dr. Mohit Patralekh Orthopedics
Dr. Melissa Parisi Pediatrics
Dr. Milind Phadke Cardiology
Dr. M Pillai Oncology
Dr. Munir Pirmohamed Pharmacology
Dr. M Padma Neurology
Dr. N Pavlidis Medical Oncology
Dr. N Perera Microbiology
Dr. N Pescosolido Ophthalmology
Dr. Nadeem Petkar ENT
Dr. Nalini Pather Medical Sciences
Dr. Narain Punjabi Paediatrics
Dr. Natale Pennelli Pathology
Dr. Natasa Petronijevic Rheumatology
Dr. Neal Padmanabhan Cardiology
Dr. Neela Patil Biochemistry
Dr. A Pilc Pharmacology
Dr. Nicola Pescosolido undefined
Dr. Nikos Papanas Internal Medicine
Dr. Nikunj Patel Microbiology
Dr. Oscar Parysow Radiology
Dr. Om Prakash Oncology
Dr. P Patil Surgery
Dr. P Pattanaprichakul Dermatology
Dr. P Perimenis Urology
Dr. P Peris Rheumatology
Dr. P Pham Nephrology
Dr. P Pradeep Endocrinological Surgery
Dr. P Putnam Gastroenterology
Dr. MUKTHA Pai Pathology
Dr. Juan Carlos Palomino Microbiology
Dr. Sunil Pandya Neurosurgery
Dr. Anuja P Hematology
Dr. P Patil Pharmacology
Dr. Priyabrata Pattnaik Microbiology
Dr. F Pea Pharmacology
Dr. Peter Piliero Medicine
Dr. Gianluigi Pilu OB-GYN
Dr. Isabel Pinto Pabón Radiology
Dr. P Patil Pharmacology
Dr. Maurilio Ponzoni Pathology
Dr. Pramila Pandhi Pharmacology
Dr. Krishnan Prabhakaran Toxicology
Dr. Prathamesh Pai ENT
Dr. Dr. Prem Pais Medicine
Dr. Michael Privitera Neurology
Dr. Leonardo Punzi Rheumatology
Dr. G. Pupelis Surgery
Dr. P. M. Parikh Medical Oncology
Dr. Purvish Parikh Oncology
Dr. P Prasad Radiology
Dr. R Padmavati Research
Dr. R Padwal Medicine
Dr. R Pandey Neuro-disability & Epilepsy
Dr. R Patel Medicine
Dr. R Pattinson OB-GYN
Dr. R Paulose Pathology
Dr. R Pellicano Gastroenterology
Dr. R Pereira Research
Dr. R Perelló Emergency Medicine
Dr. R Perez-Padilla Infectious Diseases
Dr. R Pfister Ophthalmology
Dr. R Plentz Gastroenterology
Dr. R Pratley Endocrinology
Dr. R Prielipp Anesthesiology
Dr. Raffaele Pulli Vascular Surgery
Dr. R W Parks Surgery
Dr. Rachel Pauls OB-GYN
Dr. Rakesh Pandey Pathology
Dr. Ramdas Pai Cardiology
Dr. Ramesh C. Parmar Pediatrics
Dr. Ram Parshad Pathology
Dr. Ratna Puri Genetics
Dr. Reena Pattani Medicine
Dr. Rinaldo Pellicanp Gastroenterology
Dr. Roberto Pontarolo Epidemiology
Dr. Robin Patel Medicine
Dr. R Padmanabhan Anatomy
Dr. Rushad Patell Medicine
Dr. R Paul Endocrinology
Dr. S Palmer Virology
Dr. S Pandi-Perumal Sleep Medicine
Dr. S Papadakis Orthopedics
Dr. S Papageorgiou Neurology
Dr. S Parthasarathy Pulmonology
Dr. S Pierdomenico Medicine
Dr. Serge Pinto Neurology
Dr. S Pipavath Radiology
Dr. S Pipitone Cardiology
Dr. Satapong Pisuitthanakan Orthopedics
Dr. S Pradhan Neurology
Dr. S Price Health Policy
Dr. S Pan Public Health
Dr. Samhita Panda Neurology
Dr. Sanjay Patole Paediatrics
Dr. Sanjay Pai Pathology
Dr. Sanjay Patel Medicine
Dr. Sanjay Pujari HIV medicine
Dr. Sanjiv Patel Pulmonology
Dr. Sason Partovi Radiology
Dr. Amol Patil Pharmacology
Dr. Selvarangan Ponnazhagan Microbiology
Dr. Shailesh Prabhu Radiology
Dr. Shankar Prinja Health Economics
Dr. Shiv Pillai Immunology
Dr. Shobhana Pandit Pathology
Dr. S Pantvaidya Anaesthesia
Dr. Shubha Phadke Genetics
Dr. Sunil Pandya Neurosurgery
Dr. Simonetta Palleschi Hematology
Dr. S Panda Pathology
Dr. S Pandya Medical Ethics
Dr. Sandra K. Pope Geriatrics
Dr. Somdutt Prasad Ophthalmology
Dr. Soumil Patwardhan Medicine
Dr. S Padmavati Cardiology
Dr. Sarika Paradkar Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. S Parija Microbiology
Dr. Sam Parthasarathy OB-GYN
Dr. S Pandit Pathology
Dr. S Prabhakar Neurology
Dr. S Parkar Psychiatry
Dr. Stefano Palmisani Anaesthesia
Dr. Stefano Palomba OB-GYN
Dr. Sulabha Pathak Molecular Biology
Dr. Suetonia Palmer Nephrology
Dr. Suhas Prabhu Pediatrics
Dr. Sujoy Pal GI Surgery
Dr. Sultan Pradhan Oncology
Dr. Suresh Pillai Occupational Health
Dr. Suresh Pandey Ophthalmology
Dr. S Parulekar OB-GYN
Dr. S Punekar Urology
Dr. Swati Patankar Molecular Biology
Dr. Swen Piper Anaesthesia
Dr. Titania Pasqualini Endocrinology
Dr. Tom Payne Medical Informatics
Dr. T. Roshni Paul Paul Surgery
Dr. Teodor Postolache Biological Rhythms
Dr. Tufail Patankar Radiology
Dr. U Prakash Critical Care
Dr. Udai Prakash Physiology
Dr. Uday Patel Radiology
Dr. Ujjal Poddar Gastroenterology
Dr. Vaishnavi Prakash Ophthalmology
Dr. Vasu Pai Orthopaedics
Dr. Vikram Patel Psychiatry
Dr. Vin Paleri ENT
Dr. Vinod Pallath Medical Education
Dr. Vivek Prabhakaran Neurology
Dr. Vasantha Padmanabhan Reproductive medicine
Dr. W Pennekamp Radiology
Dr. Willem Proesmans Nephrology
Dr. Y Park Pathology
Dr. Yong Poovorawan Pediatrics
Dr. Y Prakash Anaesthesia
Dr. Z Pakbaz Pediatrics
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