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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z 
Referee Name Specialty
Dr. A Ragab Otorhinolaryngology
Dr. A Ramírez-Zamora Neurology
Dr. A Ramos-Cerqueira Neurology
Dr. A Rastan Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. A Rathnapala Medicine
Dr. A Raygani Biochemistry
Dr. A Raziel OB-GYN
Dr. A Riccetto Paediatrics
Dr. A Rios General Surgery
Dr. A Robertson Paediatrics
Dr. A Rognoni Cardiology
Dr. A Rosenberg Orthopedics
Dr. Abhishek Raut Community Medicine
Dr. Aditya Raghunathan undefined
Dr. A Rao Biochemistry
Dr. Al Ali R Public Health
Dr. Alwyn Rapose Infectious Diseases
Dr. Amitabha Roychoudhury ENT
Dr. A Ryan PSM
Dr. A Rosenfalck Endocrinology
Dr. A Roy Surgery
Dr. Andreas Reimold Rheumatology
Dr. Anne Constanze Röver Oncology
Dr. Anne Rowley Paediatrics
Dr. Akella Ramadevi Genetics
Dr. A Ramachandran Endocrinology
Dr. Arne Reimers Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Arne Ring Statistics
Dr. Arun Risbud Microbiology
Dr. Arvind Rajwanshi Pathology
Dr. B Rotoli Internal Medicine
Dr. B Rumack Toxicology
Dr. B Radotra Pathology
Dr. Bhanuprakash Reddy Nutrition
Dr. Bharat Rekhi Pathology
Dr. Blandine Rammaert undefined
Dr. B Roca Infectious Diseases
Dr. B Ramakrishna Gastroenterology
Dr. B Rao Physiology
Dr. C Raison Psychiatry
Dr. C Ramirez Neurosurgery
Dr. C Rattarasarn Endocrinology
Dr. C Routsi Intensive Care
Dr. C Rudin Oncology
Dr. Camilla Rodgrigues Microbiology
Dr. Caterina Rizzo Epidemiology
Dr. Cecil Ross Haematology
Dr. Chandra Ramamoorthy Anaesthesia
Dr. Chris Rathbun Pharmacy
Dr. Chris Ryerson Medicine
Dr. L Rump Nephrology
Dr. Christopher Ritchlin Rheumatology
Dr. C Rajamanickam Biochemistry
Dr. C Ramachandran GI Surgery
Dr. C Raghuveer Pathology
Dr. D Restuccia Neurology
Dr. D Riche Pharmacy
Dr. D Rigante Pediatrics
Dr. D Ring Orthopaedics
Dr. D Rubello Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Daniel Rayson Medical Oncology
Dr. David Rapp Urology
Dr. D Ray Anesthesiology
Dr. D Rey Medicine
Dr. Deependra Rai Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Dileep Rohra Internal Medicine
Dr. Dimitri Renard Neurology
Dr. Dinesh Rakheja Pathology
Dr. D Rao Biochemistry
Dr. Dominic Rowe Neurology
Dr. Dominic Raj Nephrology
Dr. David Ring Orthopaedics
Dr. D Rana Nephrology
Dr. D Rao Medicine
Dr. E Radzikowska Pulmonology
Dr. E Raichlin Transplantation
Dr. E Rajni Microbiology
Dr. E Robak Dermatology
Dr. E Razi Medicine
Dr. Elizabeth Repasky Immunology
Dr. Eduardo Redondo-Cerezo Gastroenterology
Dr. F Radaelli Gastroenterology
Dr. F Ramos Genetics
Dr. F Romano General Surgery
Dr. F Roviello Pathology
Dr. F Ruëff Dermatology
Dr. Felix Ram Pulmonology
Dr. Francisco Romero Physiology
Dr. Francoise Rypens Radiology
Dr. G Ramos Reproductive medicine
Dr. G Rance ENT
Dr. G Reddy Neurosurgery
Dr. G Roche-Nagle Cardiovascular surgery
Dr. G Román Medicine
Dr. G Ruiz-Arguelles Hematology
Dr. G Ruiz-Irastorza Rheumatology
Dr. Ganesh Ramaswami Surgery
Dr. García Ramírez Urology
Dr. Geert Robaeys Gastroenterology
Dr. Girish Rajadhyaksha Internal Medicine
Dr. Gita Radhakrishnan OB-GYN
Dr. Giulia Russo Cardiology
Dr. Gouri Ranganathan Endocrinology
Dr. Gottumukkala Raju Gastroenterology
Dr. GS Rao Toxicology
Dr. H Raef Medicine
Dr. Harold Rekate Neurosurgery
Dr. Hendrik Roozen Psychology
Dr. I Reid Medicine
Dr. J Ravnik Neurosurgery
Dr. J Raymond Radiology
Dr. J Regelsberger Neurosurgery
Dr. J Reil Cardiology
Dr. J Rello Critical Care
Dr. J Risser Public Health
Dr. J Robinson Cardiology
Dr. J Rockstroh Medicine
Dr. J Roemmler Endocrinology
Dr. J Ruhe Infectious Diseases
Dr. Jagat Ram Ophthalmology
Dr. Jai Raman Cardiosurgery
Dr. Jalali Rakesh Radiation Oncology
Dr. James Ravenel Radiology
Dr. Jennifer Read Medicine
Dr. Jens Rassweiler Urology
Dr. JM Ramon Torrell PSM
Dr. Jonathan Ripp Medicine
Dr. Jonathan Ross OB-GYN
Dr. Josep Redon Internal Medicine
Dr. JP Robertson Surgical Oncology
Dr. J Rai Orthopaedics
Dr. Jyoti Rege Pathology
Dr. K Rajesh Community Medicine
Dr. K Ramesh Pathology
Dr. K Ravishankar Neurology
Dr. K Rheuban Telemedicine
Dr. K Rolston Infectious Diseases
Dr. Kapa Ramaiah Filariasis
Dr. Khalel Radaideh Anaesthesia and Pain Management
Dr. K Rapp Epidemiology
Dr. K Rao Paediatric Surgery
Dr. K Russek Surgical Oncology
Dr. Lisa C Ranford Cartwright Immunology
Dr. L Roberts Primary Care
Dr. L Rolita Geriatrics
Dr. L Rorke-Adams Pathology
Dr. Louis Roussos Nephrology
Dr. Lakshmi Rajgopal Anatomy
Dr. Lillian Reinseth Occupational Therapy
Dr. Livia Rossi Pediatrics
Dr. L Ramamurthy Pharmacology
Dr. L Ruiz Microbiology
Dr. Lucia Roque Cytogenetics
Dr. Manu Raam Genetics
Dr. M Racioppi Urology
Dr. M Ramirez Medicine
Dr. M Ramos-Casals Rhuematology
Dr. M Rank Preventive Medicine
Dr. M Reidenberg Pharmacology
Dr. M Richards Surgery
Dr. M Riedel Medicine
Dr. M Rizvi Microbiology
Dr. M Rodallec Radiology
Dr. M Rodríguez-Torres Gastroenterology
Dr. M Roncaglioni Pharmacology
Dr. M Rottem Immunology
Dr. M Roxanas Psychiatry
Dr. M Rybacki Occupational Health
Dr. Mahendra Rao Neurology
Dr. Mala Ramanathan Community medicine
Dr. Manju Rani PSM
Dr. M Ramam Dermatology
Dr. Marco Raffaelli Endocrine Surgery
Dr. Marcy Rosenbaum Family Medicine
Dr. Mariacarla Re Microbiology
Dr. Maria Cristina Rota undefined
Dr. Marcos Rossi Pathology
Dr. Martin Rudwaleit Rheumatology
Dr. Michael Rorarius Anaesthesia
Dr. Michael Riccabona Radiology
Dr. Moo-Yong Rhee Cardiology
Dr. M Rao Zoology
Dr. M Ramam Dermatology
Dr. Mremy Remy-Jardin Radiology
Dr. M Rajagopal Anaesthesia
Dr. V Rao
Dr. N Rezaei Allergy
Dr. Nair Reena Oncology
Dr. Nalini Ramamurty Virology
Dr. Nicole Ritz Pediatrics
Dr. Nilima Raina Nutrition
Dr. Nilima Randave Pathology
Dr. Nima Rezaei Immunology
Dr. N Rege Pharmacology
Dr. Nobhojit Roy Surgery
Dr. O RamosAde Cardiology
Dr. Olav Reikeras Orthopedics
Dr. P Rasuli Radiology
Dr. P Rego Medical Education
Dr. P Romundstad Public Health
Dr. Parmjeet Randhawa Pathology
Dr. P Rath Cardiology
Dr. P Reif Obstetrics
Dr. P Rao Gastroenterology
Dr. Pooja Ramakant Surgery
Dr. Pradeep Rao Urology
Dr. Prema Ramachandran Nutrition
Dr. Pranela Rameshwar Haematology
Dr. P Rangachary
Dr. P Reddanna Life Science
Dr. Priya Ranganathan Anaesthesia and Pain Management
Dr. P Reddy Life Science
Dr. P Reddy PSM
Dr. R Rajan GI Surgery
Dr. R Ranganathan Neurology
Dr. R Rao Medicine
Dr. R Reuss Neurology
Dr. R Rosenhek Cardiology
Dr. R Ruggeri Endocrinology
Dr. R Russo Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Radha Ramadevi
Dr. Raghu Raman Orthopedics
Dr. Raghvendra Rao Pediatrics
Dr. Rajamannar Ramasubbu Psychiatry
Dr. Rajan Radhakrishnan Pharmacology
Dr. Rajani Rani Immunology
Dr. Raja Rajalingam Immunology
Dr. Raj Raghupathy Immunology
Dr. Ramesh Raghupathi Neurosurgery
Dr. Ramesh Rajan Physiology
Dr. Ramesh Ramamoorthy Biochemistry
Dr. Ranjit Ratnaike Gastroenterology
Dr. Ranju Ralhan Biochemistry
Dr. S. R. rathinam Ophthalmology
Dr. Ratna Ray Virology
Dr. Ravi Ramakantan Radiology
Dr. Ravi Rananavane Radiology
Dr. R Roy Ophthalmology
Dr. W. Ken Redekop clinical epidemiology
Dr. Renato Razzolini Cardiology
Dr. Renju Ravi Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. R Rana Plastic Surgery
Dr. Burkhard Riemann Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Leanne Riley Public Health
Dr. R Rao Cardiology
Dr. Mohammad Bagher Rokni Microbiology
Dr. Roman Radl Orthopedics
Dr. Akash Roy Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Dr. R Raveendran Pharmacology
Dr. S Rahimi Pathology
Dr. S Rajagopala Pulmonology
Dr. S Rajapakse Medicine
Dr. S Rangarajan Hematology
Dr. S Reuben Anaesthesia
Dr. Sung Eun Rha Radiology
Dr. S Richter Urology
Dr. S Rijal Laboratory Medicine
Dr. S Ritchie Infectious Diseases
Dr. S Ritte Public Health
Dr. S Rizwan Community Health
Dr. S Roberts Microbiology
Dr. S Romagnani Immunology
Dr. S Romano Radiology
Dr. S Ryoichi Urology
Dr. Sakari Reitamo Dermatology
Dr. Sam Ramaiah Social Medicine
Dr. Jee Hoon Roh Neurology
Dr. S Reddy Ophthalmology
Dr. Scott Reuben Anaesthesia
Dr. Seshadri Raju Surgery
Dr. S Rao Neonatology
Dr. S Raman
Dr. Srinivasa N. Raja Anaesthesia
Dr. Stephanie Roberge Oncology
Dr. Sue Roulstone Speech Pathology
Dr. Sujeet Raina Medicine
Dr. Sunil Rajadhyaksha Hematology
Dr. Suparna Rajaram Psychology
Dr. Suresh Rana Radiation Oncology
Dr. Suresh Rattan Geriatrics
Dr. T Rasmussen Infectious Diseases
Dr. T Raupach Internal Medicine
Dr. Thomas Reinehr Pediatrics
Dr. T Rikimaru Internal Medicine
Dr. T Robak Haematology
Dr. T Rungruxsirivorn OB-GYN
Dr. T Raju Pediatrics
Dr. Tom Riley undefined
Dr. Tonia Rihs Psychiatry
Dr. U Rout OB-GYN
Dr. U Rao Biochemistry
Dr. V Ratageri Pediatrics
Dr. V Russo Internal Medicine
Dr. Vani Rao Psychiatry
Dr. V Rao Nutrition
Dr. Vinod Raina Oncology
Dr. Vivek Raut ENT
Dr. Venkat Rajasurya Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Vedantam Rajshekhar Neurosurgery
Dr. V Ravi Virology
Dr. Vemkatachalam Raveenthiran Paediatric Surgery
Dr. V Raut OB-GYN
Dr. V Reddy Pathology
Dr. W Rahman Ophthalmology
Dr. W Riley Outcomes Research
Dr. Z Ridgway Anaesthesia
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