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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z 
Referee Name Specialty
Dr. A Terman Experimental Pathology
Dr. A Tinmouth Transfusion Medicine
Dr. A Tobon Infectious Diseases
Dr. A Tonelli Medicine
Dr. A Toyomaki Psychiatry
Dr. A Tsafrir OB-GYN
Dr. A Tsamandas Pathology
Dr. A Tsatsoulis Medicine
Dr. A Turan Anesthesiology
Dr. A Tursi Emergency Medicine
Dr. Aditi Thakkar Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Alexandar Tzankov Pathology
Dr. Amruta Thakkar Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Andrej Trampuz Medicine
Dr. Andrew Tambyraja Vascular Surgery
Dr. Anil Tendolkar Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. Anna Taddio Pharmacy
Dr. Archana Thakur Ophthalmology
Dr. Arnljot Tveit Cardiology
Dr. Arun Thomas Urology
Dr. Athina Tsili Radiology
Dr. Atul Tyagi Neurosurgery
Dr. B Thilo Neurology
Dr. B Thomas Dentistry
Dr. B Tuğcu Neurology
Dr. Bharati Tendolkar Anaesthesia
Dr. Bruno Tuttolomondo Internal Medicine
Dr. Bunyen Teng Pharmacology
Dr. C Tempfer Obstetrics
Dr. C Terrone Urology
Dr. C Tsang Primary Care
Dr. Cherian Thomas Paediatrics
Dr. D Taneja PSM
Dr. D Tashkin Critical Care
Dr. D Teachey Pediatrics
Dr. D Tena Microbiology
Dr. D Thabut Gastroenterology
Dr. D Thaver Pediatrics
Dr. D Thea International Health
Dr. D Tilkorn Surgery
Dr. David Taylor Emergency Medicine
Dr. David Tingay Pediatrics
Dr. Vincent Thomas de Montpréville Pathology
Dr. Deepak Tempe Anaesthesia
Dr. Demetrio Tallarico Cardiology
Dr. Devinder Mohan Thappa Dermatology, STD and Leprosy
Dr. Dietmar Thurnher ENT
Dr. Dona Torre Infectious Diseases
Dr. David Tyas Pharmacoeconomics
Dr. E Tejerina Alvarez Intensive Medicine
Dr. E Tiippana Anaesthesia
Dr. E To Plastic Surgery
Dr. Elina Tiippana Anaesthesia
Dr. Elke Theander Rheumatology
Dr. Eunice Tan Dermatology
Dr. F Tejani Cardiology
Dr. F Triulzi Radiology
Dr. Florian Tomaselli Surgery
Dr. G Tacoy Cardiology
Dr. G Tadele Sociology
Dr. G Telman Neurology
Dr. G Tomassy Medicine
Dr. G Tommaselli OB-GYN
Dr. G Trifiro Medical Informatics
Dr. Gabriel Trueba Microbiology
Dr. Gloria Taliani Infectious Diseases
Dr. G Talwar Biotechnology
Dr. G Thami Dermatology
Dr. George Thomas Orthopedics
Dr. H Takagi Internal Medicine
Dr. H Takei Pathology
Dr. H Takenaka Dermatology
Dr. H Tandri Cardiology
Dr. H Tavakkoli Gastroenterology
Dr. H Teive Neurology
Dr. H Thiermann Toxicology
Dr. H Trimarchi Nephrology
Dr. H Tulchinsky GI Surgery
Dr. Hariprasad Trivedi Nephrology
Dr. Hemangini Thakkar Radiology
Dr. Henda Triki Virology
Dr. Henry Tazelaar Pathology
Dr. H Taki Medicine
Dr. Hung Tseng Cell Biology
Dr. H Tran Pathology
Dr. I Tendolkar Psychiatry
Dr. I Tripathy Medicine
Dr. Jesús Tornero Urology
Dr. Isabelle Thomassin-Naggara Radiology
Dr. J Tanaka Hematology
Dr. J Taneera Endocrinology
Dr. Juan Tardio Pathology
Dr. J Tepas Paediatric Surgery
Dr. J Thachil Hematology
Dr. J Tisdale Pharmacy
Dr. J Treasure Natural Products
Dr. J Trollor Psychiatry
Dr. J Trullas Infectious Diseases
Dr. Jean Tessier Epidemiology
Dr. Jeff Tice Medicine
Dr. Jonathan Timperley Cardiology
Dr. Joseph Ting Internal Medicine
Dr. J Thakur PSM
Dr. K Tabbara Ophthalmology
Dr. K Takarinda Public Health
Dr. K Tamme Anesthesiology
Dr. K Tanaka GI Surgery
Dr. K Tercyak Preventive Oncology
Dr. K Thai Infectious Diseases
Dr. K Thakkar Medicine
Dr. K Thammakumpee Internal Medicine
Dr. K Theis Rheumatology
Dr. K Therese Microbiology
Dr. K Thomas Surgery
Dr. K Triantafillidou Dentistry
Dr. K Turaka Ophthalmology
Dr. Kay Tetzlaff Sports Medicine
Dr. Kazuya Tamai Orthopaedics
Dr. K Talwar Cardiology
Dr. Konstantin Tsetsarkin Pathology
Dr. K Thangaraj Genetics
Dr. Kurien Thomas Medicine
Dr. L Teixeira Microbiology
Dr. L Tuntiyatorn Radiology
Dr. L Tari undefined
Dr. Mieke D. Trip Medicine
Dr. M Tămaş Rheumatology
Dr. M Taha Microbiology
Dr. M Tattersall Medical Oncology
Dr. M Tausig Psychiatry
Dr. M Teeling Pharmacology
Dr. M Terras Psychology
Dr. Mallika Tewari General Surgery
Dr. M Theroux Anaesthesia
Dr. M Tomić Pharmacology
Dr. M Topazian Gastroenterology
Dr. M Toplak Psychology
Dr. M Tozakidou Radiology
Dr. M Trus Pathology
Dr. M Turgut Neurosurgery
Dr. M Turner OB-GYN
Dr. Manjunatha T A Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Marc Tischkowitz Genetics
Dr. Marita Troye-Blomberg Immunology
Dr. Martamota Teixeira Dermatology
Dr. Masaru Tateno Psychiatry
Dr. Mathew Thakur Radiology
Dr. Mauro Teixeira Pharmacology
Dr. Mehmet Teksam Radiology
Dr. Michael Tuite Radiology
Dr. Milind Tullu Pediatrics
Dr. M Tuite Radiology
Dr. M Thakur Biochemistry
Dr. Monala Tilak Anaesthesia
Dr. Masanori Takeoka Pediatrics
Dr. Mukund Thatte Plastic Surgery
Dr. Martin Torriani Radiology
Dr. Mukesh Tripathi Anaesthesia
Dr. Mukund Thatte Plastic surgery
Dr. Muneesh Tewari Oncology
Dr. N Taneja Microbiology
Dr. N Tomes History
Dr. N Tritos Endocrinology
Dr. Nikhil Tandon Endocrinology
Dr. Naohiro Tsuyuguchi Neurosurgery
Dr. O Tawfik Pathology
Dr. Olga N. Tucker Surgery
Dr. Pieter ter Borg Gastroenterology
Dr. P Testoni Gastroenterology
Dr. P Tsibouris Gastroenterology
Dr. Peter Turkeltaub Neurology
Dr. Parag Tambe Pediatrics
Dr. Parikshit Tank Obstetrics
Dr. Paulose Thomas Nephrology
Dr. Philip A. Thomas Microbiology
Dr. P Tandon Physiology
Dr. Prathap Tharyan Psychiatry
Dr. P Tisi Cardiovascular surgery
Dr. R Tayyem Surgery
Dr. R Tiruvoipati Intensive Care
Dr. R Tkácová Infectious Diseases
Dr. R Torchio Pulmonology
Dr. R Toydemir Genetics
Dr. R Troskot Medicine
Dr. R Tutuian Gastroenterology
Dr. Rajavashisth Tripathi Cardiology
Dr. Rajiv Tandon Psychiatry
Dr. Rakesh Tandon Gastroenterology
Dr. Ram Tiwari Oncology
Dr. Ravi Thomas Ophthalmology
Dr. Renu Tuteja Biochemistry
Dr. R Tripathi Biochemistry
Dr. R Thara Psychiatry
Dr. Riccardo Troncone Pediatrics
Dr. S Takai Pharmacology
Dr. S Tariq Pharmacology
Dr. S Teddy Computer Science
Dr. S Teikyo Neurology
Dr. S Tenembaum Neurology
Dr. S Textor Nephrology
Dr. S Tripathy OB-GYN
Dr. S Tsutsumi Neurosurgery
Dr. S Türedi Emergency Medicine
Dr. S Turial Pediatric Surgery
Dr. S Tzeis Cardiology
Dr. Saad Tayyab Biochemistry
Dr. Sachin Talwar Surgery
Dr. Samir Taneja Urology
Dr. Sandeep Tandon Pulmonology
Dr. Sanjeev Thomas Neurology
Dr. Santanu Tripathi Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Santosh Taur Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Seema Tyagi Haematology
Dr. Shingo Tsuji Gastroenterology
Dr. Shirley Telles Psychology
Dr. Shou-Ching Tang Hematooncology
Dr. Shubha Thatte Psychiatry
Dr. I Tsai Radiology
Dr. Simona Tecco Dentistry
Dr. Stacy Townsend Pathology
Dr. Stephen Todryk Tropical Medicine
Dr. S Tong Research
Dr. S Tan Plastic Surgery
Dr. T Takahashi Radiation Oncology
Dr. T Tammela Urology
Dr. T Tanigawa Gastroenterology
Dr. T Tanvetyanon Medical Oncology
Dr. T Terada Pathology
Dr. T Thai Rhuematology
Dr. T Trinh Medicine
Dr. T Tsuji Microbiology
Dr. T Tsuruyama Pathology
Dr. T Turner Neuroscience
Dr. Naohiko Takahashi Medicine
Dr. Richard Tello Radiology
Dr. Test Test test
Dr. TestReferee TestReferee TestSpeciality
Dr. Mihir Thacker Orthopaedics
Dr. Vijay Thawani Pharmacology
Dr. Thomas Tolfvenstam Virology
Dr. David Thomas Geriatrics
Dr. David B. Thordarson Orthopaedics
Dr. Tibor Tot Pathology
Dr. Kálmán Tóth Orthopaedics
Dr. Eric Toussirot Rheumatology
Dr. A Tsai Genetics
Dr. Chang-Yong Tsao Pediatrics
Dr. Tinku Thomas Biostatistics
Dr. E. Turgut Tali Radiology
Dr. Urmila Thatte Pharmacology
Dr. V Talib Microbiology
Dr. V Thourani Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. V Treska Surgery
Dr. V Trivedi Urology
Dr. Veena Taneja Immunology
Dr. Vimal Telang Physiotherapy
Dr. Vitor Tumas Neuroscience
Dr. Varsha Taskar Respiratory Medicine
Dr. W Torreggiani Radiology
Dr. W Turnipseed Vascular Surgery
Dr. Wim Tuinebreijer General Surgery
Dr. Wothan Tavares de Lima Pharmacology
Dr. Y Taj Microbiology
Dr. Y Tajima General Surgery
Dr. Y Tan Urology
Dr. Y Tanaka Radiology
Dr. Y Thyavihally Oncology
Dr. Y Tokuda Medicine
Online since 12th February '04
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