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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z 
Referee Name Specialty
Dr. A Capelastegui Pulmonology
Dr. A Cardoso Nursing
Dr. A Carvalho Internal Medicine
Dr. A Casha Cardiosurgery
Dr. A Cattaneo Epidemiology
Dr. A Cauli Rhuematology
Dr. A Celik Cardiology
Dr. A Cerase Radiology
Dr. A Chacko Neurosurgery
Dr. A Chandra Emergency Medicine
Dr. A Charpiot ENT
Dr. A Chattopadhyay Pediatric Surgery
Dr. A Cheng Infectious Diseases
Dr. A Chrispal Medicine
Dr. A Christoforidis Pediatrics
Dr. A Cipriani Public Health
Dr. A Ciraj Microbiology
Dr. A Cogliandolo GI Surgery
Dr. A Cohen Internal Medicine
Dr. A Colchester Neurology
Dr. A Connor Medicine
Dr. A Contegiacomo Medical Oncology
Dr. A Covic Nephrology
Dr. A Cuesta Microbiology
Dr. A Cuker Medicine
Dr. A Czeizel Epidemiology
Dr. A Chikhalikar Medicine
Dr. Aadil Chagla Neurosurgery
Dr. Andrea Casati Anaesthesia
Dr. Antonio Cascio Infectious diseases
Dr. Ajay Chaudhuri Endocrinology
Dr. Angela Chi Pathology
Dr. Arun Chogle Medicine
Dr. Antonio Chuh Dermatology
Dr. Adarsh Chaudhary GI Surgery
Dr. Aditi Chaudhuri Chemical Sciences
Dr. A Chaudhuri Pharmacology
Dr. Alberto Cavazza Pathology
Dr. Andrew Chan Medicine
Dr. Alex Chamberlain Dermatology
Dr. Alexander Cohen Vascular Medicine
Dr. Alfred Cutner OB-GYN
Dr. Alison Clay General Surgery
Dr. Ambar Chakravarty Neurology
Dr. Andrea Crosignani Internal Medicine
Dr. Andrew Chan Neurology
Dr. Angela Ceribelli undefined
Dr. Antonio Carroccio Medicine
Dr. Argha Chatterjee Radiology
Dr. A Chowdhury Occupational Health
Dr. Arun Chogle Rheumatology
Dr. Arun Chogle Medicine
Dr. Arvind Chopra Medicine
Dr. Ashok Chakraborty Dermatology
Dr. Ashwani Chhibber Anaesthesia
Dr. A Cruz Pediatrics
Dr. B Carpiniello Psychiatry
Dr. B Carroll Research
Dr. B Casserly Intensive Care
Dr. Bruno Ciancio Population Health
Dr. B Crawford Medicine
Dr. Bernard Choi Public Health
Dr. BK Chan Internal Medicine
Dr. Christian Carrière Microbiology
Dr. C Caliskan Surgery
Dr. C Cammà Gastroenterology
Dr. C Capel Neurosurgery
Dr. C Castelo-Branco OB-GYN
Dr. C Castillo-Zamora Anesthesiology
Dr. C Cavusoglu Microbiology
Dr. C Chandrashekhar Pediatric
Dr. C Chant Pharmacy
Dr. C Charles-Schoeman Medicine
Dr. C Chiapponi Surgery
Dr. C Chong Medicine
Dr. C Chrysohoou Cardiology
Dr. C Colosio Environmental Health
Dr. C Contini Infectious Diseases
Dr. C Cunningham Internal Medicine
Dr. Gonul Caltepe Pediatrics
Dr. Ernesto Caffo Psychiatry
Dr. Leonardo Calza Infectious Diseases
Dr. Adem Camilo Pathology
Dr. Paolo Cappabianca Neurosurgery
Dr. Carlos Chone ENT
Dr. S Cay Cardiology
Dr. Girish Chinnaswamy Oncology
Dr. Leslie Chan E-medicine
Dr. A Chan Pathology
Dr. N Chao Medicine
Dr. H Chen Pathology
Dr. Y Chen Pulmonology
Dr. Roberto Chiesa Vascular Surgery
Dr. Amit Chowhan Pathology
Dr. Christian Cajochen Chronobiology
Dr. Christine Courbasson Psychiatry
Dr. Christophe Corpechot Gastroenterology
Dr. Feng Chai Public Health
Dr. Ching-Kuo Chang Surgical Oncology
Dr. Orlo Clark General Surgery
Dr. Clay Cothren Surgery
Dr. Brian Coley Radiology
Dr. D Cook Medical Education
Dr. Priyadarshini Chidambaram Community Medicine
Dr. John Crapanzano Pathology
Dr. Cynthia Chee Pulmonology
Dr. D Calhoun Pulmonology
Dr. David Canes Urology
Dr. D Cattaneo Nephrology
Dr. Davide Cavaliere Surgery
Dr. D Cazorla Tropical Medicine
Dr. D Chaves General Surgery
Dr. D Ciçek Cardiology
Dr. D Cohen Family Medicine
Dr. D Cooper Endocrinology
Dr. D; Chisholm Health Economics
Dr. Dario Conte Gastroenterology
Dr. David Crockford Psychiatry
Dr. Davide Cattano Anaesthesia
Dr. Vinoth Chellaiyan Community Medicine
Dr. J Chen Rheumatology
Dr. Sandeep Choudhary Psychiatry
Dr. Shaylika Chauhan General Medicine
Dr. David S. Cassarino Pathology
Dr. E Calandre Neurology
Dr. E Calvo Orthopedics
Dr. E Caroli Neurology
Dr. E Chew Epidemiology
Dr. E Cholongitas Gastroenterology
Dr. E Cicinelli OB-GYN
Dr. E Cosmi OB-GYN
Dr. E Crema Surgery
Dr. Edward Chan undefined
Dr. Elizabeth Chroni Neurology
Dr. Emma Ciafaloni Neurology
Dr. Emma Collins General Surgery
Dr. Emmanuel Coche Radiology
Dr. Salvatore Cannavo Endocrinology
Dr. F Carlomagno Endocrinology
Dr. F Claas Immunohematology
Dr. F Conners Psychology
Dr. Fabrizio Conti Rheumatology
Dr. G Cammarota Medicine
Dr. G Carin-Levy Health Sciences
Dr. G Carrafiello Radiology
Dr. G Catalano Psychiatry
Dr. G Cerasola Medicine
Dr. G Ceylan Genetics
Dr. G Charnogursky Endocrinology
Dr. G Cinalli Neurosurgery
Dr. G Cumbo-Nacheli Medicine
Dr. Giovanna Culeddu Pharmacoeconomics
Dr. Geeta Chacko Pathology
Dr. H Carson Pathology
Dr. H Christiansen Radiation Oncology
Dr. H Chung Pediatrics
Dr. H Cohen ENT
Dr. H Crowson Community Medicine
Dr. Hakan Cokmez Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Hal Collard Pulmonary medicine
Dr. H Choi Medicine
Dr. Helen Cross Paediatrics
Dr. Hemant CJ Cardiosurgery
Dr. Hen Chen Psychiatry
Dr. Horng Chen Cardiology
Dr. Howard Corwin Medicine
Dr. I Casserly Vascular Surgery
Dr. I Cohen Anesthesiology
Dr. I Cojocaru Neurology
Dr. J Cabrerizo-García General Medicine
Dr. J Carcillo Paediatrics
Dr. J Carlson Pathology
Dr. J Carrington Aging
Dr. J Chan Pathology
Dr. J Changku GI Surgery
Dr. J Cheng undefined
Dr. J Chi Neurosurgery
Dr. J Chiladakis Cardiology
Dr. J Clarkson ENT
Dr. J Cleary Medical Oncology
Dr. J Colmenero Infectious Diseases
Dr. J Cotton Cardiology
Dr. J Cunha-Filho OB-GYN
Dr. Justyna Czech-Kowalska Neonatology
Dr. James Coulson Toxicology
Dr. Jill Cockburn Behavioral Science
Dr. Jill Cook Orthopaedics
Dr. Jeanne K. Clancey Neurosurgery
Dr. Jose Carvalho OB-GYN
Dr. K Celiński Gastroenterology
Dr. K Chang Radiology
Dr. K Charalabopoulos Physiology
Dr. K Chen Epidemiology
Dr. Kanu Chatterjee Cardiology
Dr. Chi Yuen Chan Cardiology
Dr. Kathy Cronin Oncology
Dr. Karen Calhoun ENT
Dr. Kee-Hyun Chang Radiology
Dr. Kenji Chiba Immunology
Dr. K Cheung Surgery
Dr. K Chary Chemical Sciences
Dr. L Calabrese Rheumatology
Dr. L Cantarini Rheumatology
Dr. L Castera Gastroenterology
Dr. L Cavanna Medical Oncology
Dr. L Cavazzola Surgery
Dr. L Chen Medicine
Dr. L Cheng Pathology
Dr. L Conde-Ferraez Epidemiology
Dr. L Corić Neurology
Dr. L Critchley Anaesthesia
Dr. Ljiljana Cvorovic Otorhinolaryngology
Dr. Leonardo Carvalho Immunology
Dr. Lily Cherian Psychology
Dr. L Chao Radiology
Dr. Linda Cranfill Hospital Administration
Dr. M Cappell Gastroenterology
Dr. M Caputo Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. M Cartwright Neurology
Dr. M Casanova Psychiatry
Dr. M Castori Genetics
Dr. M Cecelja Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. M Cesur Endocrinology
Dr. M Chiba Gastroenterology
Dr. M Citirik Ophthalmology
Dr. M Cleveland Psychology
Dr. Marcos Paulo Colella Haematology
Dr. M Collins Craniofacial Diseases
Dr. M Colotto Medicine
Dr. M Corominas Immunology
Dr. M Corti Infectious Diseases
Dr. M Culang Psychiatry
Dr. M Czarnecki Palliative Care
Dr. Magro Checa Rheumatology
Dr. Mammen Chandy Haematology
Dr. Manish Chadha Orthopedics
Dr. Manoj Choudhury Physiology
Dr. Manuela Caniça Microbiology
Dr. Max M. Cohen General Medicine
Dr. Milind Chaudhary Orthopaedics
Dr. M Cook Epidemiology
Dr. Max Cohen Medicine
Dr. Mridula Chopra Nutrition
Dr. Madeep Chadha Virology
Dr. N Chu Neurology
Dr. Nina Clark Infectious Diseases
Dr. Nancy Crum Infectious Diseases
Dr. Nabjyoti Choudhary Transfusion Medicine
Dr. Natasha Crowcroft Tropical Medicine
Dr. Nigel Capps Clinical Biochemistry
Dr. N Choudhury Haematology
Dr. Nicola Colacurci OB-GYN
Dr. Nitin Chaubal Radiology
Dr. Nitya Chakraborty Oncology
Dr. O Celik Neurosurgery
Dr. O Cornely Medicine
Dr. P Canto Biology
Dr. P Caron Endocrinology
Dr. P Chandrasekar Infectious Diseases
Dr. P Chowbey GI Surgery
Dr. P Christian Nutrition
Dr. Plinio Cirillo Cardiology
Dr. P Cornejo Infectious Diseases
Dr. P Corr Radiology
Dr. P Cupo Pediatrics
Dr. Paolo Carbognani Thoracic Surgery
Dr. Parijat Chandra Ophthalmology
Dr. Pedro Casanova-Sotolongo Psychiatry
Dr. Pekka Collin Medicine
Dr. Percy Chibber Urology
Dr. Philippe Camus Pulmonology
Dr. Piergiorgio Catalanotti Microbiology
Dr. Prabal Chatterjee Pharmacology
Dr. P Chen Public Health
Dr. Pramila Chari Anaesthesia
Dr. Prantar Chakrabarti Hematology
Dr. Prashant Chhajed Pulmonology
Dr. Prem Chopra Pathology
Dr. R Cardarelli Family Medicine
Dr. R Chaudhry Microbiology
Dr. R Cirocchi Surgery
Dr. R Conroy Tropical Medicine
Dr. R Cursons Microbiology
Dr. Rajendra Chaudhary Haematology
Dr. Rajesh Chopra Haematology
Dr. Rakesh Chadda Psychiatry
Dr. Rama Chaudhry Microbiology
Dr. Rama Chaudhry Microbiology
Dr. Rakesh Chandra ENT
Dr. Rob Cramb Clinical Biochemistry
Dr. Renata Cifkova Cardiology
Dr. T Chen Gastroenterology
Dr. Ricard Cervera Immunology
Dr. Rui Coelho Psychiatry
Dr. Rob Campbell Radiology
Dr. Roshan Colah Haematology
Dr. Runjan Chetty Pathology
Dr. S Carneiro Dermatology
Dr. S Chaney Internal Medicine
Dr. S Chattopadhyay Internal Medicine
Dr. S Chauhan Internal Medicine
Dr. S Cheema General Surgery
Dr. S Cherian Virology
Dr. S Chinikar Infectious Diseases
Dr. S Chopra Psychiatry
Dr. Shahar Cohen Stem Cell Biology
Dr. S Czech Drug and Alcohol Research
Dr. Sandeep Chauhan Internal Medicine
Dr. Santosh Chaturvedi Psychiatry
Dr. Sarah Capes Medicine
Dr. Suparna Chatterjee Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Seemant Chaturvedi Medicine
Dr. Shailendra Chopra Radiology
Dr. Shrikant Chinchalkar Occupational Therapy
Dr. Shyama Chatterjee Immunology, Molecular Biology, Host-Parasite Interactions
Dr. S Chhabra Pulmonology
Dr. Stefania Corrente Pediatrics
Dr. Steve Castro Surgery
Dr. Susan Childs Medical Informatics
Dr. Sujana Chandrasekhar ENT
Dr. Sujit Chowdhary Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Suneet Chauhan OB-GYN
Dr. Surabhi Choudhary Radiology
Dr. Swetha Challagulla General Medicine
Dr. T Chau Internal Medicine
Dr. T Christensen Cardiovascular Surgery
Dr. T Chuangsuwanich Pathology
Dr. T Choudhury Life Science
Dr. Tim Cawston Rheumatology
Dr. Tim Cook Anaesthesia
Dr. Ulrich Canzler Medical Oncology
Dr. Virginia Calder Ophthalmology
Dr. Vincenzo Carbone Cardiology
Dr. V Carey Medicine
Dr. Veena Chaudhary Radiology
Dr. Vinette Cross Medical Education
Dr. Vipul Chitalia Nephrology
Dr. V Choudhry Haematology
Dr. W Coates Emergency Medicine
Dr. W Collins Parasitology
Dr. William T. Couldwell Neurosurgery
Dr. W Chan Medicine
Dr. Y Chang GI Surgery
Dr. Y Chawla Gastroenterology
Dr. Yean Chan Microbiology
Dr. Y Choi Internal Medicine
Dr. Yunjung Cho Laboratory Medicine
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