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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z 
Referee Name Specialty
Dr. A Dabbous Anesthesiology
Dr. A Danielsson Radiology
Dr. A Danser Pharmacology
Dr. A Dawson Health Policy
Dr. A Deesomchok Pulmonary medicine
Dr. A De La Croix Psychology
Dr. A Diemers Medical Education
Dr. A Dirican Oncology
Dr. A Dobs Medicine
Dr. A Dösch Cardiology
Dr. A Dubaniewicz Immunology
Dr. Abhijit Das Neurology
Dr. Abraham Dachman Radiology
Dr. Abhay Dalvi Surgery
Dr. Amol Dongre Qualitative Research
Dr. Ajay Dudani Ophthalmology
Dr. Ajay Duseja Gastroenterology
Dr. Ashok Das Medicine
Dr. Alan Dickson Urology
Dr. Alastair Denniston Ophthalmology
Dr. Amitava Dasgupta Pharmacology
Dr. Amod Dalvi Dementia
Dr. A Dalvi Surgery
Dr. Andre Daher Tropical Medicine
Dr. Anil Dhawan Paediatrics
Dr. Anuja Dokras OB-GYN
Dr. Anupam Das Dermatology
Dr. Anuradha De Microbiology
Dr. Anuradha De Microbiology
Dr. Aparna Deshpande Surgery
Dr. A Desai Pathology
Dr. Arno Dormann Surgery
Dr. Ashwin Dalal Ophthalmology
Dr. Avinash Desousa Psychiatry
Dr. B Dandawate OB-GYN
Dr. B Duysinx Pulmonology
Dr. E De Backer Biochemistry
Dr. B Dane OB-GYN
Dr. Bidyut Das Malaria
Dr. Bernard Dickens Ethics
Dr. Bhavna Dhingra Pediatrics
Dr. Binay De Medicine
Dr. B Dave Biochemistry
Dr. Boer de Infectious Diseases
Dr. Bonaventura Di Neurology
Dr. Bruno Dallapiccola Genetics
Dr. C DæAngio Pediatrics
Dr. C Daumas-Duport Pathology
Dr. C Daumerie Endocrinology
Dr. C Dauphin Cardiology
Dr. C Davidson Environmental Health
Dr. Camilo de-la-Fuente-Sandoval Psychiatry
Dr. C DeLasCuevas Psychiatry
Dr. C Demily Psychiatry
Dr. C Dener Surgery
Dr. C Denny Community Health
Dr. C DiRocco Neurosurgery
Dr. C Dow Ophthalmology
Dr. C Dziri Surgery
Dr. Carlos de la Torre Dermatology
Dr. Carvalho de Rheumatology
Dr. Chetna Desai Medical Education
Dr. Chris Derk Rheumatology
Dr. Christoph Dietrich Gastroenterology
Dr. C Dhull Ophthalmology
Dr. C Deshmukh Paediatrics
Dr. D Damiani Endocrinology
Dr. D Damin GI Surgery
Dr. D Danda Immunology
Dr. D Denning Mycology
Dr. D Diekema Pediatrics
Dr. D Duttaroy Surgery
Dr. J Dai Infectious Diseases
Dr. Dalus Dae Medicine
Dr. Daniele Dionisio Medicine
Dr. Dasgupta Haematology
Dr. David Denning Medicine
Dr. David DeShazer Infectious Diseases
Dr. D Doku Public Health
Dr. D Dasgupta Anaesthesia
Dr. David Denning Infectious Diseases
Dr. Divyanshu Dubey Neurology
Dr. Deep Dutta Endocrinology
Dr. Diana de Ronchi Psychiatry
Dr. Devendra Dubey
Dr. Dilip Das Pathology
Dr. Lamm Donald Urology
Dr. Dorothy Dinesh Transfusion Medicine
Dr. V Das Medicine
Dr. S Duan Nephrology
Dr. E Daher Medicine
Dr. E Damrose ENT
Dr. E DeClercq Research
Dr. E Dorsey Neurology
Dr. Erdinc Duru Community Health
Dr. Elizabeth Daher General Medicine
Dr. Elysia Davis Neurochemistry
Dr. F De-Salvador-Guillouet Infectious Diseases
Dr. F Donmez Radiology
Dr. F Drislane Neurology
Dr. F. Duteille Plastic Surgery
Dr. F Duxbury Psychiatry
Dr. Figueiredo de Urology
Dr. Filip De Keyser Rheumatology
Dr. Frederic Dauchy Microbiology
Dr. G Dalekos Gastroenterology
Dr. G deLasHeras-Castano Gastroenterology
Dr. G Demiris Health Informatics
Dr. G Doolittle Oncology
Dr. Gaetano Di_Vita GI Surgery
Dr. Galan de Medicine
Dr. Giovanni diBelgiojoso Nephrology
Dr. Gladwin Das Cardiology
Dr. Grace D’Costa Pathology
Dr. Gregory Day Medicine
Dr. G Díaz Intensive Care
Dr. Guy Daculsi Biomedical Engineering
Dr. H Dehghani Medicine
Dr. H Djaladat Urology
Dr. H Draper Pharmacy
Dr. Heather Draper Bioethics
Dr. Hemant Deshmukh Radiology
Dr. Henryk A. Domanski Pathology
Dr. Herder de Medicine
Dr. H Dhar Geriatrics
Dr. H Dhavale Psychiatry
Dr. J Davidson Endocrinology
Dr. J Davis Rheumatology
Dr. J Deaville Medicine
Dr. J. Dembinski Paediatrics
Dr. J Derraik Infectious Diseases
Dr. J Dhulkotia OB-GYN
Dr. J Dimberg Biology
Dr. J Dinger Epidemiology
Dr. J Douketis undefined
Dr. Jaya Deshpande Pathology
Dr. J Dharani Physiology
Dr. J Damodharan Medicine
Dr. J Deshpande Pathology
Dr. Jeremy DeBrauwer GI Surgery
Dr. Jerome Dargent Surgery
Dr. Jiggy Divatia Anaesthesia and Pain Management
Dr. J Dave Endocrinology
Dr. John Davis Rheumatology
Dr. J Divatia Anaesthesia
Dr. K Dabos Gastroenterology
Dr. K Damodharan Radiology
Dr. Kent Doi Nephrology
Dr. K Dolay Gastroenterology
Dr. Karen Daniel Pharmacy
Dr. K Domino Anaesthesia
Dr. K. Deepak Physiology
Dr. KR Damania OB-GYN
Dr. Kumuda Das Biochemistry
Dr. K Das Physiology
Dr. L Dasmasceno Community Health
Dr. L Defidio Urology
Dr. L Dember Neurology
Dr. L Dierker Psychology
Dr. L Dirix Pharmacology
Dr. L Dubuske Immunology
Dr. Leonidas Duntas Endocrinology
Dr. Lalit Dandona Ophthalmology
Dr. Lamirande de Urology
Dr. Leena Deodhar Microbiology
Dr. Lemos de Genetics
Dr. Leopoldo Luiz dos Santos-Neto Medicine
Dr. Lona Dash Microbiology
Dr. Lorenzo Di Medicine
Dr. LP Dutta Pathology and Microbiology
Dr. M Dall Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. M Daves Laboratory Medicine
Dr. M Decramer Respiratory Medicine
Dr. M Delva Family Medicine
Dr. M Demanou Virology
Dr. M Dennis Psychiatry
Dr. M deNoo GI Surgery
Dr. M Deutsch Internal Medicine
Dr. M Diamond Anatomy
Dr. M Diaz Internal Medicine
Dr. M Digilio Genetics
Dr. M Dimachkie Medicine
Dr. M Diringer Neuroscience
Dr. M Dobbs Orthopaedics
Dr. M Dodd Psychiatry
Dr. M Donadio Radiology
Dr. M Doral Orthopedics
Dr. M Dostál Research
Dr. M Durand Radiology
Dr. M Dutton Psychiatry
Dr. M Dymova Chemical Sciences
Dr. Madhu Dikshit Pharmacology
Dr. Manisha Dayal Medical Sciences
Dr. Manjula Datta Epidemiology
Dr. Marc DeBroe Physiology
Dr. Marc DeHert Psychiatry
Dr. Mario Di Napoli Neurology
Dr. Mark Davenport Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Mark Davenport Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Martine Dujardin Radiology
Dr. Mastro Del Oncology
Dr. Maulik Doshi Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Muktikesh Dash Microbiology
Dr. Medeiros de General Medicine
Dr. Meena Desai Pathology
Dr. Melo de Denistry
Dr. Madhav Deo Biomedicine
Dr. Michael Davidson Medicine
Dr. K Deben ENT
Dr. Miguel-Díez de Pulmonary medicine
Dr. M Dhillon Orthopaedics
Dr. N De_Boer Gastroenterology
Dr. N Dorairajan Surgery
Dr. N Duran Microbiology
Dr. N Düzgün Rheumatology
Dr. Nandini Dave Anesthesiology
Dr. Neha Dangayach Internal Medicine
Dr. N De Ophthalmology
Dr. Nick Day Medicine
Dr. Nilesh Doctor GI Surgery
Dr. N Datta Radiotherapy
Dr. N Dhurandhar Biochemistry
Dr. Jean de Oliveira Neurosurgery
Dr. P Dammert Medicine
Dr. P Dandona Endocrinology
Dr. P Debourdeau Medical Oncology
Dr. P deMatos Pathology
Dr. P Dutta Epidemiology
Dr. Paolo Dodero Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Paris DH Tropical Medicine
Dr. Patrizia Defabianis Odontostomatology
Dr. Paul Davis Telemedicine
Dr. Paulvan Diest Pathology
Dr. Puneet Dhamija Endocrinology
Dr. Pierre Delobel Infectious Diseases
Dr. Pierre Diemunsch Anaesthesia
Dr. Piotr Dobronski Urology
Dr. Pradeep Das Microbiology
Dr. Pranab Dey Cytology
Dr. Pranay Desai OB-GYN
Dr. Pratibha Dalal Microbiology
Dr. R Dalan Endocrinology
Dr. R DalNegro Pulmonology
Dr. R Dasgupta Urology
Dr. Robert Didden Psychiatry
Dr. R Dinglasan Microbiology
Dr. R Douma Vascular Medicine
Dr. R Duncan Neurology
Dr. Robert Dragu Cardiology
Dr. Radha Dhiman Gastroenterology
Dr. Radha Krishan Dhiman Gastroenterology
Dr. Rajiv Dhir Pathology
Dr. Ravindra Deokar Forensic Medicine
Dr. R Deshpande Pathology
Dr. Valli De Re Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Robert Dellavalle Dermatology
Dr. R Dhande Zoology
Dr. R Donthi Pharmacology
Dr. S Dahlqvist Rheumatology
Dr. S Dahmani Anesthesiology
Dr. S Davies Public Health
Dr. Saral Desai Pathology
Dr. S Deshpande Physiology
Dr. S Devarakonda Internal Medicine
Dr. S Dryer Biology
Dr. S Dunnett Biological Sciences
Dr. S Dvorakova Endocrinology
Dr. Sam Dearmen Medical Education
Dr. Sandra Dial Critical Care
Dr. Satish Dharap Surgery
Dr. Saumil Doshi Infectious Diseases
Dr. S Deshpande Physiology
Dr. S Dash Nephrology
Dr. Sanish Davis Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Siddharth Deshpande Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. S Dwivedi Medicine
Dr. Shanta Dube Epidemiology
Dr. R Das Nursing
Dr. Shridhar Dwivedi Medicine
Dr. Shyam Desai OB-GYN
Dr. Siddharth Dubhashi General Surgery
Dr. Siddhartha Das Biochemistry
Dr. Nilhan De Silva Immunology
Dr. Smita Divate Pathology
Dr. Som Dasgupta Neurology
Dr. Sourabh Dutta Pediatrics
Dr. S Dandekar Biochemistry
Dr. Srinivas Dwarakanath Neurosurgery
Dr. S Dalvi Pharmacology
Dr. Sujata Dalvi OB-GYN
Dr. Sunil Dutt ENT
Dr. Suresh DAVID Surgery
Dr. S Deo Oncology
Dr. T Dorlo Infectious Diseases
Dr. T Dziedzic Neurology
Dr. Upreet Dhaliwal Medical Education
Dr. Usha Dutta Gastroenterology
Dr. Utpal De Surgery
Dr. Vikas Dhikav Psychiatry
Dr. Vikas Dharnidharka Nephrology
Dr. Vikram Dogra Radiology
Dr. Vinay Dhir Gastroenterology
Dr. Vincent DeBari Internal Medicine
Dr. Vivek Dixit Transplant
Dr. Vries De Gastroenterology
Dr. W Dorr Radiation Oncology
Dr. Eva Maria Delmo Walter Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. Y Dastur Ophthalmology
Dr. Yogesh Dwivedi Psychiatry
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