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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z 
Referee Name Specialty
Dr. A Haghdoost Medical Education
Dr. A Harahsheh Cardiology
Dr. A Harver Public Health
Dr. A Hemalatha Pathology
Dr. A Hepburn Rhuematology
Dr. A Hernández undefined
Dr. A Heyse Internal Medicine
Dr. A Hoffman Endocrinology
Dr. A Holman Rheumatology
Dr. A Hosaka Surgery
Dr. A Hosler Epidemiology
Dr. A Hubbell Health Communication
Dr. A Hunter Internal Medicine
Dr. Adil Hazara Nephrology
Dr. Adriana Handra-Luca Pathology
Dr. Agnes Hamzaoui Pediatrics
Dr. Andrew Hartland Clinical Biochemistry
Dr. Ali Horchani Urology
Dr. T. P. Ho ENT
Dr. A Hati Tropical Medicine
Dr. Andrew Hattersley Genetics
Dr. Angelika Hofer Dermatology
Dr. Anna-Christine Hauser Nephrology
Dr. Anuradha Hemachandran Community Medicine
Dr. A Hot Medicine
Dr. Aroon Hingorani Pharmacology
Dr. Ashok Hemal Urology
Dr. Audrey Hochart Oncology
Dr. Avijit Hazra Pharmacology
Dr. B Hainaux Radiology
Dr. Bakhouche Houcher Biology
Dr. B Hudzik Cardiology
Dr. B Högl Neurology
Dr. Boaz Hirshberg Endocrinology
Dr. Brian Hiestand Emergency Medicine
Dr. C Haidar Pharmacy
Dr. C Hartrick Anaesthesia
Dr. C Hedrich Rheumatology
Dr. C Hémont Immunology
Dr. C Hézode Gastroenterology
Dr. C Hinze Rheumatology
Dr. C Hoppe Haematology
Dr. C Hsieh Nursing
Dr. C Huppatz Health Sciences
Dr. Carl Haasper Orthopedics
Dr. Carsten Heinz Ophthalmology
Dr. Cathy Hanley General Surgery
Dr. Chantal Henry Psychiatry
Dr. Chorng-Kuang How Emergency Medicine
Dr. Christian Happi Microbiology
Dr. Christos Hadjichristodoulou Epidemiology
Dr. C. Keith Haddock Psychology
Dr. C Harinarayan Endocrinology
Dr. Christina Hirsch Infectious Diseases
Dr. D Halsall Biochemistry
Dr. D Henk Infectious Diseases
Dr. D Henry Research Evaluation
Dr. D Herbenick Nursing
Dr. D Higgs Hematology
Dr. D Hilty Psychiatry
Dr. D Hubacher Public Health
Dr. D Hui Palliative Care
Dr. D Huppert Neuroscience
Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. David Houlihan Psychiatry
Dr. David Huntsman Pathology
Dr. Denise Harrison Nursing
Dr. Dyfrig Hughes Pharmacoeconomics
Dr. Dominik Hartl Pediatrics
Dr. D Hui Pulmonology
Dr. E Hafner OB-GYN
Dr. E Han Parasitology
Dr. E Harville Epidemiology
Dr. E Helmes Psychiatry
Dr. E Hersh Oral Medicine
Dr. E Hindié Nuclear Medicine
Dr. E Hodgkin Health Policy
Dr. Edward Horton Diabetes
Dr. E Hossny Paediatrics
Dr. F Harban Anesthesiology
Dr. Frans JM Hilgers ENT
Dr. F Hill Medical Education
Dr. F Hurst Nephrology
Dr. F Hes Genetics
Dr. F Hage Cardiology
Dr. F. M. Helmerhorst OB-GYN
Dr. G Halkett Palliative Care
Dr. G Hatzis Cardiology
Dr. G Hooper Orthopedics
Dr. Gary Hoffman Rheumatology
Dr. H Hachul Medicine
Dr. H Halliday Neonatology
Dr. H Hansen Public Health
Dr. H Heijink Immunology
Dr. Patrick Haage Radiology
Dr. Farrokh Habibzadeh General Medicine
Dr. Y Han Cardiology
Dr. Harri Hamalainen Physiotherapy
Dr. HD Hosgood Epidemiology
Dr. Herbert Hof Microbiology
Dr. Hiroshi Hisamatsu Urology
Dr. K Ho Anesthesiology
Dr. Norio Horiike Medicine
Dr. Burkhard Hornig Cardiology
Dr. Douglas Howarth Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Francois Huaux Occupational Medicine
Dr. Orlando Hung Anaesthesia
Dr. Irene Halperin Endocrinology
Dr. I Heijink Immunology
Dr. I Helbig Neurology
Dr. I Hrynaszkiewicz Health Communication
Dr. I Humolli Public Health
Dr. Indira Hinduja OB-GYN
Dr. Ingeborg Hartz Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Irving Hoffman Infectious Diseases
Dr. Jason Halford Psychology
Dr. J Halm General Surgery
Dr. J Han Otorhinolaryngology
Dr. J Harrop Neurosurgery
Dr. J Hasford Hematology
Dr. J Henry Endocrine Surgery
Dr. J Herrmann Medicine
Dr. J Herrstedt Medical Oncology
Dr. J Hirmerova Medicine
Dr. J Hodgin Pathology
Dr. J Horacek Psychiatry
Dr. James Hallenbeck Internal Medicine
Dr. James Holmes Medicine
Dr. Jenny Heathcote Gastroenterology
Dr. Jingxiang Huang Pathology
Dr. John Hanley Haematology
Dr. John Hansen-Flaschen General Medicine
Dr. John Houghton Hematology
Dr. Josef Heckmann Neurology
Dr. Julia Hayes Surgical Oncology
Dr. Jayprakash Hardikar Surgery
Dr. Jong-Won Ha Cardiology
Dr. Jyh-Hsiung Huang Health Policy
Dr. K Hadidi Forensic Medicine
Dr. K Hauer Medicine
Dr. K Hemming Statistics
Dr. K Hermansen Endocrinology
Dr. K Horsthuis Radiology
Dr. K Hurley Emergency Medicine
Dr. K Husain Toxicology
Dr. Kamal Hamed Infection Control
Dr. Kenneth Hill Population Health
Dr. Kasturi Haldar Malaria
Dr. Kumud Handa ENT
Dr. K Hegde Bioengineering
Dr. L Hadjkacem-Loukil Genetics
Dr. L Harkness OB-GYN
Dr. L Harrison International Health
Dr. L Haugaard Biochemistry
Dr. L Herrak Pulmonary medicine
Dr. L Horn Pathology
Dr. Lars-Erik Hammarström Surgery
Dr. LH Harrison Cardiosurgery
Dr. Lisa Ha Gastroenterology
Dr. Lise J. Houde Psychology
Dr. Lovisa Hogberg Epidemiology
Dr. M Haber Statistics
Dr. M Haidara Physiology
Dr. H Hamer Neurology
Dr. M Hammadeh OB-GYN
Dr. Margaret Hansen Nursing
Dr. M Hashimoto Radiology
Dr. M Hasselblatt Neuropathology
Dr. M Hauta-Aho Pharmacology
Dr. M Hayes Cell Biology
Dr. M Hellard Public Health
Dr. Marcus Henze Nuclear Medicine
Dr. M Hernández Rheumatology
Dr. M Hinckley OB-GYN
Dr. M Holmes Neurology
Dr. M Horneber Medicine
Dr. M Horton undefined
Dr. M Hoshi Orthodontics
Dr. M Hsieh Urology
Dr. M Huda Endocrinology
Dr. Michael Hudson Cardiology
Dr. M Hutchings Oncology
Dr. M Hahn Psychiatry
Dr. M Ho Medicine
Dr. Marcus Hermansen Paediatrics
Dr. Mehdi Hamadani Medical Oncology
Dr. M Harzai Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Mouhamed Haj Biochemistry
Dr. Mukesh Harisinghani Radiology
Dr. N Hanson Microbiology
Dr. N Healy Surgery
Dr. N Hong Radiology
Dr. N Hossain Obstetrics
Dr. N Hussain Cardiology
Dr. Nagaraj Holalkere Radiology
Dr. Nancy Halnon undefined
Dr. N Ho Pediatrics
Dr. P Haidet Palliative Care
Dr. P Harvey Psychiatry
Dr. P Hedlund Molecular Biology
Dr. P Henke Vascular Surgery
Dr. P Hooper Medicine
Dr. P Hsueh Microbiology
Dr. Pauline Ho Rheumatology
Dr. PH Hollaus Oncology
Dr. P Hazarika ENT
Dr. PN Haray Surgery
Dr. R Hays Internal Medicine
Dr. R Haddad General Surgery
Dr. R Hammer Medicine
Dr. R Handa Pediatric Surgery
Dr. R Hansen Pharmacology
Dr. R Happle Dermatology
Dr. R Harikumar Gastroenterology
Dr. R Hauser Neurology
Dr. R Hermida Internal Medicine
Dr. R Heyderman Microbiology
Dr. R Higgins Neonatology
Dr. R Holt Endocrinology
Dr. Raimund Helbok Neurology
Dr. Ralf Herwig Urology
Dr. Raoul Herbrecht Hematooncology
Dr. Rashidul Haque Parasitology
Dr. RG Holzheimer Surgery
Dr. Rohini Handa Medicine
Dr. Roijen Hakkaart-van Research
Dr. S Habib Gastroenterology
Dr. Samy Haddouk Immunology
Dr. Sepehr Hamidi Endocrinology
Dr. S Hammami Pediatrics
Dr. S Handa Dermatology
Dr. Syed Harris Surgery
Dr. S Harten Medicine
Dr. S Hawser Microbiology
Dr. S Herrera Immunology
Dr. S Hiéronimus Endocrinology
Dr. S Hilmer Gastroenterology
Dr. S Homsi Medicine
Dr. S Hsiao Cardiology
Dr. S Hsieh Endocrinology
Dr. S Hurlbert Health Economics
Dr. S Hyo ENT
Dr. Sanjeev Handa Dermatology
Dr. Scott Halpern Epidemiology
Dr. Shirley Hodgson undefined
Dr. Steve Humphries Clinical Biochemistry
Dr. Sohan Singh Hayreh Ophthalmology
Dr. Sumedh Hoskote Internal Medicine
Dr. Sunny Hussain Pediatrics
Dr. Sylvia Hsu Dermatology
Dr. T Hansen Anaesthesia
Dr. T Hara Parasitology
Dr. T Harada OB-GYN
Dr. T Harris Emergency Medicine
Dr. T Hemmerling Anaesthesia
Dr. T Hensle Urology
Dr. T Henzler Radiology
Dr. T Hesketh Public Health
Dr. T Hodgson Oral Medicine
Dr. T Huang Psychiatry
Dr. T Huo Gastroenterology
Dr. Tahziba Hussain Infectious Diseases
Dr. Tamara S. Hannon Pediatrics
Dr. Tim Hunter Radiology
Dr. Toshiaki Hayashi Neurosurgery
Dr. Thierry Huisman Radiology
Dr. Thomas Hemmerling Anaesthesia
Dr. Timo Hannu Rheumatology
Dr. Uffe Hylin Orthopedics
Dr. Vijaya Haldankar Biochemistry
Dr. W Hehenkamp OB-GYN
Dr. W Hennig Genetics
Dr. W Holmes Plastic Surgery
Dr. W Hussein Endocrinology
Dr. Walter Haefeli Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Wayne Higgins Public Health
Dr. Wieland Hermann Neurology
Dr. X Huang Pulmonary medicine
Dr. Y HernanzGonzalez Orthopedics
Dr. Y Hirai Infectious Diseases
Dr. Y Hsieh Emergency Medicine
Dr. Ying Hu Biotechnology
Dr. Y Han Orthopedics
Dr. C hang Public Health
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